Which Shoes Are You Wearing?

I have been happily wearing my tennis shoes / cross trainers everyday no matter what the occasion. But, the other day my leg felt well enough to try a different pair of shoes. We had a boat cruise planned on Lake Zurich so I decided to hang up the tennis shoes and opt for flats. The shoes were fine but I noticed increased swelling at the end of the evening.

My PT said I could wear whatever shoes I wanted at this point. He said, “You just have to be comfortable.”  The school year begins next week and I am contemplating keeping two pair of shoes in my office for the first month or so.

Are you mostly wearing tennis shoes / cross trainers or are you wearing other shoes now too?

Also, to the ladies, are you wearing only flats or anything with a TINY heel?

Happy continued healing everyone.


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  1. I am mostly wearing these to work:

    SKECHERS Bikers-Step Up mary jane. Leather and suede upper in a sport casual jane with stitch and overlay accents, instep strap with Velcro(R) closure. Cushioned insole, flexible traction outsole.
    earing Skechers.

    They are sneaker like, have a cushioned sole, and are pretty comfortable. they have a slight heel, not much to speak of. However, they look better with business attire than sneakers. I wear them with pants, with black socks. Not high style, but it is ok.

    I am not up to higher heels yet, but expect I will try some of my lower heels ( loafer like shoes) in another month or so.

    I am thinking the same thing - when can I wear “normal” shoes again? I think it will be awhile for quite of few of my shoes. Let me know how you do with your shoe quest.

  2. Thanks for the great question zurichfan! I am only 4 weeks post op, but have always worn heels at work (with a 2nd pair of flats for going to and from) pre-ATR. I probably won’t return to work full-time until October-ish (I need to be on my feet all day), so am already stressing about what shoes I’ll be able to wear!

    The Sketcher Bikers-Step Up mary janes look like a good compromise to start with … question to tennis junkie: do you wear the size you normally wear? Or did you go up 1/2 size to accommodate potential swelling? Just curious …

    Hang in there ladies … we have extra challenges the men don’t even have to worry about!!

  3. I went with the same size - they seemed to run a little large so it worked. There are lots of shoes like this — i just saw some similar shoes in the Lands End catalogue.

  4. Hi zurich-

    I’m tennisshoes everyday. I do have multiple pairs/styles, but mostly running shoes. I just wear them to match my outfit. Thankfully I can wear jeans, t-shirt, tennies to work. I have a wedding to go to this weekend. I bought a super cute new outfit, got home….crap! I can’t wear tennies! I haven’t figured out anything else to wear though. I was talking to my mom about it and she reminded me that I have black strappy sandals with a wider, 1 1/2 in heel. I’d probably be ok but it makes me laugh to think about my foot/ankle sweling through/around the straps. LOL.

  5. Damacar - I wore my teva’s (or should I say tevA) to the wedding this weekend - dress and all. Luckily it was a family wedding so despite all the teasing, it was just fine. I was envious of all the ladies in the cute shoes and heels….sigh. Wedding #1 down, two to go. I’ll post pics of dress and boot and tevA. Pretty silly.

  6. Hey kkdub,
    The last wedding I attended was family so I didn’t worry too much either. This weekends is my personal trainer…maybe people will think i’m going to try and get a workout out of him after the wedding. LOL
    Plus, if my arms are any indication that he’s my trainer…..I doubt anyone will say anything anyway!! “Do you feel lucky punk?”

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