Have you ever seen this before?

I had a bit of a scare on Monday…

While I was proudly :) walking down the school hallway in two shoes and no AchilloTrain brace, I felt this incredible surge of pain about half-way up my calf.  The pain occured everytime I tried to roll over my toes as I walked. I had never felt anything like it so I was immediately worried. The pain contined off and on for a few hours and then it left. When the pain returned on Tuesday afternoon red flags went up. I called the PT and he said it didn’t sound like anything to worry about…he told me to hold off until my appt this morning.

This morning when the PT examined my leg he said, “Wow, the muscles are really, really tight…” Final verdict: the Achilles is fine, the repair site is fine, but some “nerve rejuvination” has begun and that coupled with a tight calf muscle (despite my stretching and exercise regime) was causing flashes of pain.

He gave me the MOST AMAZING massage, it was a bit uncomfortable at first but when he finished I was tempted to embrace him. I felt soooooooooo much better. In fact, maybe the best I have felt since the injury. After the massage,  he said he wanted to tape the leg with elastic tape to “reinforce” the area. The tape job is quite a site…but I have to be honest my leg feels FANTASTIC! Again, I will sacrifice the aesthetics for comfort.

I thought my blog friends would like to see pictures of the continuing saga…

Happy continued healing everyone.


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  1. Hi zurichfan-

    You know what? The last 2-3 days for me have not been good ones. I’m having calf pain also. Of course, I had an Ortho appt on Monday. I normally have really good range of motion but on Monday (dammit!) my calf, ankle and tendon were so tight. The doc pushed my foot back, it didn’t budge past 90. I can flex my foot and get it almost even with the good one, but NO, not on the day I visit the ortho. Needless to say, I got coached on stretching, blah, blah, blah.

    That’s quite the tape job. I can’t decide if it looks more like a wishbone, or a pilsner glass. Maybe I need a wish and a beer? LOL

    Keep us posted. I’m curious since i’m within 2 weeks of you.

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