The Little Calf That Could

Yesterday was my eight week anniversary post-op.

I am happy to report that I spent the day pool side in a wonderful resort in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. During the “Summer of the Achilles” Physical Therapy replaced all previously planned vacations and this long weekend was a real and necessary treat!

Not only was I sans-crutches in the resort (woo-hoo!) but I also managed to improve my Frankenstein-esque walk; I may actually have a semi-normal gait! I am happily wearing my AchilloTrain brace and tennis shoes everywhere I go — I really like that combination with a sun dress (UGH!) In all honesty, I will happily occupy a place on the worst dress list if it means I can walk comfortably without crutches! :) Right now I have to make a concerted effort to make sure I am rolling over on my toes when I walk and bending my knee. It is a lot easier to limp but I know it is not good for any other part of my body.

I went straight from our resort to my home away from home: Physical Therapy. Things are progressing well and I am SLOWLY regaining confidence in my body and my AT. What a difference a few weeks can make!  My calf on the other hand is another story. We spent a lot of time today in PT doing exercises to strengthen the muscle in my calf; it is really in a sad state. Nevertheless, if my AT could make this much improvement, the little calf can as well…I hope!

Here are some pictures from the eight week mark.

Happy continued healing everyone!




5 Responses to “The Little Calf That Could”

  1. Oh my, your scar is so tiny. Your surgeon must enjoy building ships inside bottles in his free time. My scar makes people uneasy. I’m not sure to be jealous or proud. It certainly is nice to see you doing so well.

  2. If I would have known you were going I could have said,” Buon Divertimento!”
    It really is amazing what can happen in a couple of weeks. Part of my team at work just returned from a business trip to India (outsourced customer service/IT-I work for a major software company) and today they all said “Hi” then said,”Wait! You’re walking!!!” You’re gait will come back. Its day to day. yesterday I wasn’t limping, today…it hurts and i’m limping. I guess Forrest Gump was right about the box of chocolates…You never know what you’re gonna get.
    The resort sounds delightful! I have some family from the border there, italian side though.

  3. Thanks for the feedback damacar. I am REALLY stiff in the mornings but by mid-afternoon I feel like I hit a comfortable stride and then the evening swelling hits. But, it’s not too bad. We just keep on keeping on!

  4. I have scar envy! Yours looks great. I know what you mean about the sundress and sneaker look. Priceless.

    I am almost at 12 weeks….my husband and I noticed my calf is starting to gain muscle. There is hope!

  5. I’m amazed about your little scar, it’s so nice. Mine is much longer, red and with very visible 15 (!) sutures marks. Congratulations for that but more important have a good tendon recovery. Muscles will be back soon, but tendon is important to repair nicely.

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