Within Reach…

Today is my seven-week anniversary and the first time I can honestly say my leg is starting to feel “normal”.  Last week my PT told me to ditch the boot (while I was at home and on very flat and smooth surfaces) and practice standing on two legs and walking using the crutches with as much weight as I felt comfortable. I was very hesitant the first day, but by two two I felt like I made huge gains.  

Today, I returned to the PT and he said I had made “excellent progress.” I can easily stand barefoot with my weight evenly distributed and even shift my weight side to side!  I am well beyond zero degrees for the first time (woo-hoo!) and have much greater flexibility. Today was a much needed confidence booster!

And now for the crutches…

Today and tomorrow I am suppose to bear full weight in the boot (sans crutches) and on Wednesday when I return to PT I am suppose to bring two shoes! Hip, hip hooray! Again, it is amazing to hear the different protocal. My PT said they do not like people to wear the boot and walk for too long. He said it is an “artifical and uncomfortable” walk so they like to get people into two shoes as soons as possible — even it means two or three more days with crutches. Interesting, huh?

Anyway my spirits are up as a day without crutches is actually within reach! Amen.  

These last seven weeks are pretty hard to explain — a roller coaster of emotions like I have never experienced. For the recent ATR’ers, hang in there, keep reading the posts, and blogging, it helps a lot. Knowledge is power.

Happy healing everyone.

2 Responses to “Within Reach…”

  1. She’s right about walking in the boot. Its not “right”. I did it for 3 or 4 days. It felt like it was hyper-extending my knee and trying to get the height balance between shoe and boot was tough.. If its off it hurts your back and hip. I definately recommend the shoes with crutches. Absolutley buy the heel cups. They kinda hurt my feet at first, but your ankle, knee, hip, and back need the shock absorption and support. I’ve been walking without the crutches for almost 2 weeks now, I still haven’t taken them back though. I use them some mornings until my achilles gets warmed up and I overdid it last week, so I used them a bit over the weekend.
    Good luck!

  2. I think all those drawbacks to the boot are true, but for me anyway, to move farther and faster and use hands, or ride a bike outside, the boot is where it’s at. Those long grocery store aisles, uneven ground, stairs, all still glad to have that damn boot. I can barely walk 2 shoes, still very slow and easy, but I can at least sort of get out of the way hoofing the boot. Long ago I ditched that hot insulated boot liner, just strap over leg or pants/socks. I’d use it far less often if the liner was still there. I hope I can ween myself off the boot in about a month or so…

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