“I think I can, I think I can…”

Third visit to the doctor today — just in time to celebrate on my six-week post-op anniversary.

He examined the wound and took me through a series of ROM exercises. He said everything looks very good. 

You might have been able to hear my sigh of relief from across the Atlantic! :)

At the bottom of my incision there is a hard circular spot — it almost feels like a little rock. The doctor said it was one of the sutures and it will gradually dissolve.

I was amazed at how aggressive he was with the ROM exercises (it wasn’t very comfortable!) but it helped me to see that the tendon is not as weak and vulnerable as I think it is.  He said all of the discomfort I have post-PT is very “normal” — “the leg has sustained a tramatic injury” — to which I replied, “So has my brain! It is really hard to learn to trust your body again.” He assured me that a re-repture was highly, highly, unlikely especially with the “Mercy Hosptial Method” that he used. I thought my blog buddies might want to know that he said the only time he has seen a re-repture is when someone was not following re-hab protocal or had a BIG miss-step on the pavement or stairs.

He fitted me with an AchilloTrain brace which I love. It is very supportive and incredibly comfortable. I am suppose to wear it with the boot for the next week. During that time I can gradually add more weight until I drop the crutches all together. Woo-hoo! After that, I will wear the brace in a regular shoe. Two shoes? Really? Bring it on! :)

For those of you at the early stages of this injury — HANG ON. It gets just a little bit easier every day. A day without crutches was once inconceiveable; now I feel like it is FINALLY within reach.

Happy continued healing everyone.

Here is a picture of the AchilloTrain brace:


8 Responses to ““I think I can, I think I can…””

  1. Wow - great news!!! Let me tell you, ditching those crutches was a wonderful feeling - can’t wait until you enjoy that feeling as well! Need to ask the doc about a brace when I go on Thurs. I still cannot imagine ditching the boot, but all in good time, right?


  2. Zur - Excellent and upbeat. I love these posts. B/c I’m in the early stages - not even two weeks yet. My hands are sore from crutches, my unseen incision is itchy in the cast, and I can’t be upright for more than a small bit due to purple toes and swelling…only feels great if I’m elevating. I’m not all that down, just really ready to be FREEEEEEEEEEEE. I know I know, slow the roll, have patience, don’t push it. :-) Love this site.


  3. Congrats on the progress.

    What do you think about the brace? I am definitely planning on wearing one and was considering this model. I know others had more of wrap-around types but, from the photos, this one seems pretty dang supportive. TIA.

  4. daveleft,

    I think the brace is excellent. I felt a difference from the word “go.” It is very supportive. It has a small heel left, padding around the Achilles and on the sides. I am really happy with it and feel more secure with walking. I was a little taken aback by the price $130.00 (thank you insurance!) but so far worth every penny.

    Hope your recovery is progressing well…keep us posted.

  5. zurichfan, nice progress man, way to go.

    I was in a different brace for a while (see my blog) but my PT said I didnt need it and that it was doing more harm than good. It was pooling my swelling below the brace, not letting it go anywhere. So against doc’s orders (I was supposed to wait another week) I ditched it, and I’m glad I did. I still wear the compression socks though.

    In my PT’s opinion braces slow muscle recovery and could change a patient’s walking mechanics…whatever that means. I just agreed because it was uncomfortable.

    Good luck!

  6. Walshie is right! I had the same brace, wore it for about 2 hours then ditched it..It just didn’t feel right and my PT told me the same thing..

  7. Good advice, all. I am planning on erring on the side of caution and will try this thang. Just want to be sure third time ain’t the charm.

    If anyone else has something to add to this ankle brace discussion, it would be most appreciated.

  8. daveleft - I purchased the same brace that zurich posted. This was after Doc Ross commented that he found it helped with his recovery. Unfortunately, I was a couple months ahead in recovery, so I didn’t get to try it out until around week 13. But, I thought it might still provide a little extra support while I tried to regain strength. The jury is still out for me on whether the brace provides any benefit at that point. I wore it for a few weeks while I worked out at the gym. But, I stopped wearing it when I started to develop a heat rash. I didn’t really notice much benefit while I was wearing it except for the compression. I still put it on from time to time because of the compression benefits - it looks a lot better with shorts than a compression sock!! Perhaps I would have noticed more of a benefit if I would have used it earlier on. I will caution that, IMO, the brace can’t/won’t prevent a rupture. It really doesn’t limit your movements much, so it is possible that it could give a false sense of security. Also, if you are looking to purchase, try footsmart.com. I believe it’s around $80 on their site and I also found a 20% off coupon code on the net.

    Zurich - Sounds like you’re doing well. Congrats! Thanks for the update and keep up the good work.

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