First Day Back at Work

Went back to work yesterday for the first time since the accident: May 21. I am a teacher in a high school so lucky for me I had the summer to rehab, rehab, rehab!  My day began at 8:00 and ended at 5:00 in PT. My PT took one look at my leg and said, “You went [...]

For the Bicyclists

I am using a stationary bike now for 20-30 minutes a day. It is great for a bit of cardio but the scenary leaves a lot to be desired!
When were you able to make the leap form stationary bike to an outdoor road bike? Thanks!

The Little Calf That Could

Yesterday was my eight week anniversary post-op.
I am happy to report that I spent the day pool side in a wonderful resort in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. During the “Summer of the Achilles” Physical Therapy replaced all previously planned vacations and this long weekend was a real and necessary treat!
Not only was I sans-crutches in the [...]

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

I just got back from PT where I was able to put on two shoes with the AchilloTrain brace and (drum roll please…) walk without crutches! :) Woo-hoo! I have no shame in saying that half-way down the PT hall I started to get tears in my eyes. I couldn’t believe I was actually able to walk [...]

Within Reach…

Today is my seven-week anniversary and the first time I can honestly say my leg is starting to feel “normal”.  Last week my PT told me to ditch the boot (while I was at home and on very flat and smooth surfaces) and practice standing on two legs and walking using the crutches with as much [...]

“I think I can, I think I can…”

Third visit to the doctor today — just in time to celebrate on my six-week post-op anniversary.
He examined the wound and took me through a series of ROM exercises. He said everything looks very good. 
You might have been able to hear my sigh of relief from across the Atlantic!
At the bottom of my incision there [...]