My Five Week Anniversary: A Date with the Leg Press

Once again this injury humbles me…

On the five week anniverary of my surgery I was given the green light to hop on the leg press! :) I crutched over to the machine with great enthusiasm and confidence, sat down, and was told to adjust the weight to 10 lbs. 10 lbs? Say it isn’t so! What about all of the YEARS I have spent in the weight room? What about the blood, sweat and tears it took before I was rewarded with an impressive leg press benchmark? 10 lbs? C’mon I can do more than 10 lbs… I know I can!

Gulp! Think again.

Those 10 lbs might have been the hardest 10 lbs I have ever faced. Whew! Talk about a tough mental and physical workout. The stretch and the push felt GREAT but (again!) I had to counter the ever-present question, ”Is it going to POP when I do this?”  When I was finally able to RELAX and get that darn question out of my mind, the exercise felt even better!

The report from the PT was that the tendon looks and feels “very, very, good” and there is apparently very little swelling / inflammation. Good news! Now, I need to continue to improve my ROM and gradually start to add more weight to the leg.  When I asked about my calf muscle, ” I seem to be losing more and more muscle everyday…” My PT responded with, “You haven’t seen anything yet! Just you wait…” UGH!

As I looked out the window on the drive home it seemed as though everyone in Zurich was outside enjoying our incredible summer weather. The bikers, roller-bladers, skateboaders, lake-swimmers, runners, hikers, tourists, they were all there — soaking up the sun! Fortunately, instead of turning green with envy I was inspired to continue to work hard to join them. This sedentary life is for the birds!

I can’t wait to get back “out there” to the real world…and…leg press more than 10 lbs. :)

Happy summer everyone and happy continued healing!


3 Responses to “My Five Week Anniversary: A Date with the Leg Press”

  1. Congratulations! But 10 lbs? I would have cried. I guess I should say, I will cry.
    This was a hard weekend for me, as the Olympic Trials-Track and Field were going on here in town. It was sunny and hot, rare for Oregon, and I would have loved to have watched live, not on TV. Oh well. My PT this a.m. was doing an update to my progress and asked about “recreational activitities”….what the hell is that? LOL

  2. Track and field live is much better than on TV huh? So sorry! Every summer the weather in Zurich is less than desirable and this year (when I am recovering) it is fanastic outside! :(

    Hang in there! :)

  3. Keep up the good……Wicked to see you are staying positive…..

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