4 Weeks Post-Op…Let’s Make a List!

I won’t lie, the last week has been one of the worst.

I feel INCREDIBLY guilty for saying that considering daveleft and others’ most recent re-repture but it is my reality…

Today, my PT was optimistic that she would be able to move the boot to neutral — no such luck. I am still at 10 degrees. However, she thinks with the introduction of some new at-home exercises, I could be there by my next appointment on Thursday. Fingers crossed….

The depth and breadth of this recovery process has finally hit me and it has become harder and harder to stay positive. We decided to cancel our trip to the States — the 10.5 hour plane ride, the five missed PT appointments, and, and, and… proved too much to get my head around. It’s incredibly disappointing.

To counter the ever-increasing-blues, a friend of mine suggested that I try to make a list of the things that I am grateful for right now — as related to the injury.

Let me give it a try… in no particular order… 

1. For (up until four weeks ago) regularly practicing yoga – how critical is good balance?????

2. For having relatives and friends cross the Atlantic to help ease the burden and remind me to smile.

3. For being a teacher and having the summer to go to PT and focus on recovery.

4. For finding an outstanding surgeon and PT.

5. For my incredibly kind, thoughtful and patient husband…how is he coping so well?

6. For care packages with clothes that actually make getting dressed a bit easier and having dinner a bit more enjoyable!  

Ok, your turn….

 During the darker times, what do you need to remind yourself that you are thankful for?

9 Responses to “4 Weeks Post-Op…Let’s Make a List!”

  1. Hang in there - ups and downs are part of the process. My surgeon tells me to get my foot to 90 degrees in the boot but not to put weight on it to force it - well, it just wont get there. I am 4 weeks post also and I am still at around 10 degrees. Just remember - the alternative is being CASTED at 90 degrees. Would you trade the flexibility of the boot for a cast??

    I am SO sorry about your canceled trip. For what its worth, I think you made the right decision. I just bailed on my business trip to London/Paris - trying to reschedule it for late August or September.

    Hey - at least you are immersed in PT - I dont get to start that for another 3 week s :-(

    Hang in there!


  2. Hi Zurichfan,

    I think we all must be going through a very trying time, read my latest post about life being cruel.

    I wonder what we would have done without this site, family, friends etc. etc. We have to try and cope as best we can.


  3. Hey Zurich,

    I totally feel you. I’m sorry you had to cancel your trip, but I think it’s for the best right now. I had to cancel a trip down to LA (I live in SF, which is just a few hours away) and I was really bummed about it too, especially since I prepaid for the hotel. But I just thought it wouldn’t be worth all the trouble right now … and that got me even more depressed.

    It’s tough. There’s no getting around that. I guess I take comfort in my friends. I have two friends who’ve helped me immeasurably. I don’t know what I would do without them. It’s so important to know that somebody is there for you, probably like your husband is for you. It’s ironic in my case. I joined my tennis league because I got out of a devastating relationship and didn’t wanna sit at home feeling sorry for myself. After a few months or playing, this happened and I didn’t have anybody to turn to except my friends, since my family lives far away. It seems like most people on here are married, and let me tell ya, this injury sucks even more when you’re single and alone. So yeah, everyone be thankful for your spouses!

    And of course, I am actually very thankful to have found this site. It’s so wondeful that to some degree, we’re basically all strangers, maybe we’ll never meet, but we’re genuinely concerned and encouraging. This site not only gives me hope of recovery, but it also gives me belief in something greater.

  4. I am grateful that I am going to get my foot back someday - and that I can return to my active life when this finally heals.

  5. I’m grateful that THIS WILL END. What if it was permanent? My arms, brain, left leg still work. I can walk, think, drink my much needed glass of wine or bottle of beer when I get home from work. In having to use the motorized carts when I go to Costco, etc, i’ve had a few changes in perspective seeing people who are permanently riding them, or in a wheel chair.
    This really sucks, but as soon as I think about all of this….pity party over.


  6. Zurich,

    Hang in there bud, it will get better. At my first meeting w my doc about a week before surgery he was concerned b/c I was very depressed. He said that I needed to get in a better mood b/c the mind is very powerful, and it affects how the body responds to treatment. At first I was like ‘blah blah blah’ but I knew he was right.

    Attitude is a decision. Choose happiness. I’m rooting for you in your continued recovery.

  7. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your feedback.

    damacar, I totally agree: my foot will get better this is not permanent…I need to be grateful for that. There are a lot of people dealing with far worse situations right now that is for sure!

    And yes, I need to choose happiness and focus on a strong and successful recovery. This could be much worse….

    Now, back to some toe crunches…Hang in there everyone.

  8. Zurich - I’m grateful for achillesblog.com!!!

    Sorry if that sounded like some cheesy plug for the site. Maybe family would top my list, but achillesblog.com is a close second!

  9. I had one of those “darker times” Zurich, last night. I don’t know what it is about Mondays, but I broke down last night same as i did the Monday night the week before. I had a lot of pain, burning, etc. in the cast yesterday and by night, I felt hopeless. All I could think was, “okay, I had a good day yesterday– not much pain, able to manuvere around the house okay, but today, back to square one, or so it seems”…..Yes, I was a downer…..

    I am sooooo grateful also for everyone here at this site!!! I substitute teach and am home for the summer….Husband at work and daughter at summer school, so home alone most of the day.

    What a good idea— the grateful List:

    1. Summer to rest and recuperate and be ready in August/September for school to resume.

    2. Plenty of good books to read and my soap opera to watch.

    3. My wonderful daughter and husband who I couldn’t survive this without :)

    4. Achillesblog.com :)

    5. Having my health

    6. My cat who keeps me company all day….sleeps on my bed, etc.

    7. Having access to borrowed wheelchair, and power chair.

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