My Five Week Anniversary: A Date with the Leg Press

Once again this injury humbles me…
On the five week anniverary of my surgery I was given the green light to hop on the leg press! I crutched over to the machine with great enthusiasm and confidence, sat down, and was told to adjust the weight to 10 lbs. 10 lbs? Say it isn’t so! What [...]

When did you ditch your crutches?

Small victories…at just over 4 weeks I am now at the neutral position in the boot! Woo-hoo! Today, was the first time I actually felt like a contributing member of PT instead of just a bystander. It felt great! Of course, now I am incredibly sore! Ouch!
Just curious at which week you were able to [...]

4 Weeks Post-Op…Let’s Make a List!

I won’t lie, the last week has been one of the worst.
I feel INCREDIBLY guilty for saying that considering daveleft and others’ most recent re-repture but it is my reality…
Today, my PT was optimistic that she would be able to move the boot to neutral — no such luck. I am still at 10 degrees. However, [...]

Clash of the Titans

Yesterday marked three weeks since my surgery. I saw the surgeon and he removed the stitches (no pain!) and said everything looked very good. He asked me what the PT had me doing and when I told him she wanted me to put weight on it (up to 25 lbs) he nearly jumped out of his chair. [...]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday I had PT and it was a doozy. She did a lot (of what I considered to be) aggressive ROM exercises. My tendon felt so tight and I was convinced it was going to POP again. At one point I asked the PT if she could stop for a minute because I was about [...]


Guten tag,
Just when I think I am getting the hang of German, I am confronted with medical jargon galore. I stand no chance! :( 
After a few days of trying to read the German literature about the minimally invasive AT repair that I had,  I finally found some information in English. Here is a link that shows the instrument they use [...]


I have a new challenge…a restless mind that is now convinced that my other AT is weak and will rupture. I have absolutely no reason to believe this…but…I also never imagined that anything was “wrong” with my injured leg!  I am so worried about the extra “pressure” that I am placing on my “good” leg. [...]

Patience is indeed a virtue

Day 11 post-op and I am finally starting to really understand the meaning of the expression patience is a virtue. It is amazing how much my life has changed since the Pop Heard ‘Round the World on May 21. I am still planted in my living room or bedroom most of the day and I [...]

Airplane Flights

We are scheduled to return to the States at the end of June ( I will be one month post-op.) My doctor is very lukewarm about the prospect. I know thrombosis is a concern. Did anyone make a long distance flight in their first month? If so, what were your experiences? I am still “on the [...]

An Encouraging Start

I had my first trip to the Physical Therapist yesterday (6 days post-op). She said the swelling is almost completely gone, the wound looked very good and the calf muscle is strong.  Whew, all of this leg elevation might just be paying off! She asked a lot of questions and then did some very slow and methodical [...]