Daytime TV in German…I’m in hell.

48 hours after surgery…the leg pain is manageable…much more so than the pain I am enduring by watching daytime television in Switzerland.  Judge Judy auf Deutsch…wow.

The surgery went well. A few people have asked about the minimally invasive procedure I opted for. Here is what I know: Apparently, it was developed about 10+  years ago in Lausanne, Switzerland and there appears to be a lower infection rate and re-rupture rate with this surgery. Most of the information I have about it is in German but here is a site in English that discusses the procedure and compares it with the traditional surgery:

The first hour after surgery brought the worst pain. Once the morphine kicked in the next few hours were fine. Lunch time on day two brought a fair amount of pain (I was being weaned from the morphine) but all in all I suppose it could be a lot worse. I am very sore and just very uncomfortable…I had no idea how heavy this brace would be be…

 Like everything in Switzerland the hospital was a portrait of efficiency and civility. The view of the lake from my hospital bed allowed the hours to pass a lot more quickly and Rob tells me the food was of “restaurant quality…” I will take his word for it. The staff was incredibly kind and kept asking over and over, “Do they really make you go home right away in America after surgery?”  Based on what I have read in these blogs, it appears so! I could not have managed coming home immediately! Hats off to all of those of you who did!

The doctor said that my rupture was relatively high which (on the one hand) is good since there is a stronger blood-flow to the area — good for healing I am told. I am in full leg brace which is set at 30 degrees and will change each week for the next four weeks. Click here to see the highly coveted footwear: 

Physical therapy begins next Tuesday and continues twice a week throughout the summer. It will be a long and tedious process. I am trying to stay positive and keep telling myself it could be a lot worse. It could right?

Oh, wow, looks like we have a new daytime treat, Murder She Wrote is now on. This is going to be one long recovery….Good thing I have a stack of unread books.

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  1. Hi Zurichfan

    I had surgery at 5 p.m. Friday night and was discharged 10 a.m. Saturday morning. That was in England in a Private Hospital, even they don’t keep you in even though you are paying.

    I had absolutely no pain at all, don’t know why, I had a spinal injection but that had worn off by Friday night.

    I had discomfort but had no medication at all, hospital just said to take painkiller if I thought I needed it. I took some just in case of pain before going to bed at night but I was OK.

    Good luck with the TV, Judge Judy in any language would drive you insane.

  2. Zurich - Good to hear that the surgery went well and that you’re now on the road to recovery. I, too, had a less invasive surgical procedure. However, my surgeon used 3 smaller incisions and he also used a bit more conservative rehab protocol. You can read more about my experience here:

    Here is a link to a procedure that was pretty similar to mine: (there are a couple graphic pics)

    So far I’ve been pretty happy with the procedure. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I feel like I’m about where I should be at this point of recovery. I’m also happy that I haven’t experienced any discomfort with the scarring at the incision sites.

    Good luck with the healing!

  3. Congrats on the successful surgery. Remember, the first week is the worst. And with a lake view and restaurant food (and aside from the pain), it looks not so bad.

    I had my procedure done (about a 5cm incision) done at an out-patient facility. In by 11, cut at 1 and in my own bed by 3:30. But it wasn’t bad…except I had a view of the alley and Jell-O (that my girlfriend made me buy). I hate Jell-O.

    From what I understand, the high ruptures are more painful than the low ruptures. But I guess the good news is the increased blood flow.

    Good luck on the recovery. And enjoy the baseler leckerli…they’re a million times better than Jell-O.

  4. nice to know everything is ok.
    i had my surgery yesterday at 3pm , i was being forced to go home at 6 pm when i was still having chills in the bed . it was an outpatient procedure.
    i dont know but i thought i did swear no more baskeball for me - we ‘ll see.

  5. rest up, homie.

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