Where’s McDreamy?

I am having surgery today in a hospital across the lake that looks remarkably like Seattle Grace from Grey’s Anatomy minus McDreamy… I just can’t catch a break!

 I have opted for a minimally invasive repair. According to my doctor, this is a relatively new approach to AT repair and requires only an incision of one to two centimeters in length. Recovery after this procedure is thought to be easier and the surgical complication rate is extremely low. If you can stomach the video, here is the procedure: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0DNeeGuHKGU My fingers are crossed…

The surgery isn’t until late this afternoon so there is a lot of “waiting” today. Bummer. I am trying to stay positive and hoping that the recovery will not be as terrible as I have been reading it can be.

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  1. Good luck! Hope everything goes well. Fascinated to hear about this new procedure - especially looking at the humungous scar on my leg. Best of luck with your recovery…

  2. Hope everything went well. Good luck with the recovery.

  3. Sorry you have to wait all day but the good news is that you are going to start the next phase of your recovery today, with no further delay!

    Good luck, remember, Ice, elevation and pain pills when needed.

  4. Best of luck! I’m guessing you’ll be through surgery and on the road to recovery when you see this note.

    This procedure is interesting (though it was a bit difficult to watch). Do you have any further information about the procedure you can share? How new is it? Where else is it being practiced? Are there any published success and/or recovery rates?

    It certainly would be interesting to know if this procedure significantly decreases the healing time, but I have to admit that I’m kind of digging the battle scar that the traditional ATR repair has left me with…

  5. I hope the surgery went well for you. Mine went pretty well, the hard part was the next day, and that wasn’t even that bad.

  6. zurichfan - I hope the surgery went well. Keep us posted on your progress and rest,eat well, and let your body heal.

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