Daytime TV in German…I’m in hell.

48 hours after surgery…the leg pain is manageable…much more so than the pain I am enduring by watching daytime television in Switzerland.  Judge Judy auf Deutsch…wow.
The surgery went well. A few people have asked about the minimally invasive procedure I opted for. Here is what I know: Apparently, it was developed about 10+  years ago in Lausanne, Switzerland [...]

Where’s McDreamy?

I am having surgery today in a hospital across the lake that looks remarkably like Seattle Grace from Grey’s Anatomy minus McDreamy… I just can’t catch a break!
 I have opted for a minimally invasive repair. According to my doctor, this is a relatively new approach to AT repair and requires only an incision of one to two centimeters [...]

“A Quick Game to Three”

…And you thought Istanbul was just a great sight-seeing city? As it turns out, it is also a great (?) place to rupture your Achilles Tendon (AT). 
 Before I go any further, I should say that Rob and I were just talking about “blogs” and I said, “Who has a blog? Who has time to blog?” Famous [...]