Cast Off

May 29th, 2008

Wow!  Twenty days since surgery and I’m in two shoes.  I can put  about 50% on foot but can’t walk because of ROM ( lack of!) Anyways,  feels great to have cast off.  Doc says I should be off those mother !@#$%^&*ing crutches in two weeks.  God I hope so.  It’s really weird having no protection.  I start PT tomorrow, twice a week for 2 weeks.  Like everybody says, it felt great to wash leg and scar.  Still hoping to golf July 4.  I know not really two shoes but at least no cast.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, barely.

The End

1st post op visit!

May 21st, 2008

Ok,  so I saw the doc for the first time (12 days) since surgey…Better than I expected.  Took off plaster cast and and checked out her work.  She said everything looks great, good color, took out both stiches and put me back into a lighter plaster cast.  Here’s the interesting part,  this cast comes off for good next Wed.  I’m going into two shoes!!! One shoe will have a .5 inch lift on the outide and .25 inch on the inside.  Has anybody else done this?  Doc says I will still need crutches for another 2-3 weeks,  very excited! I still might be golfing July4.


Big thanks to my wife for everything!! 

The End


May 16th, 2008

Well,  went back to work on monday(long day).  It was a long week, thank God I have a desk job so I can put my foot up when needed!  First post op with doc on the 20th, cant wait to get this cast off!!  Hoping to golf in company tourney on july 4?? Thanks to everybody that posts,  it helps a lot to hear the stories of others.  Will post again after seeing the doc.

The End


May 9th, 2008

Ok,  surgery was a breeze!  Now the boring part, doing nothing.  A little pain, trying not to take to many meds.,  keeping leg elevated, etc. Will try and go to work Monday was planning on Saturday, dont think I will make Sat.  Thanks to everyone for the kind words.  Good luck to all.

The End

Hello world!

May 7th, 2008

Welcome to

Wow,  what a cool site!  I ruptured mine on May 4, surgery is May 8.  I will try and do some blogging, maybe it will help with my anger and frustration.

The End