Long flights at Week 5-6

I had to cancel two long haul trips after the rupture and decided to keep a third trip that departed exactly 5 weeks post surgery. The surgeon indicated there was some risk but it was low and left the travel decision with me.

Signed up for special services (wheelchair request) with Delta and hoped to be escorted from check-in to the boarding gate. I am walking in shoes at home and in the boot for travel. My pants cover the top of the boot and I don’t think I looked impaired enough for Delta to provide the wheelchair that was noted in the reservation. In Detroit I took the boot off to go through security and in Spain I kept it on but they did swab it to check for whatever they check for. Although the wheelchair request didn’t succeed I did board early in Detroit (in Amsterdam and Spain I boarded with my section). Guessing if I spoke up for the requested wheelchair it would have been provided… I was feeling good and decided it wasn’t worth it to push for the assistance and walked through security and the airport on my own.

On the long flights (DTW to AMS and AMS to DTW) I took an aspirin at the start of the flight and after seated I removed the boot and got up and walked around without the boot more often than I usually get up. On the shorter flight - Amsterdam to Barcelona - I kept the boot on and got up about halfway through the flights. I wore compression socks for all of the flights.

I did a lot of walking in the boot for the week in Barcelona - conference attendance and meetings. The toughest part was the inability to ice the Achilles at night. The hotel didn’t have ice machines and sent us to the bar on another floor to request ice which we did 1 of the 7 days at the hotel. The bar provided ice in a champagne bucket which was transferred to a zip lock bag in the room.

Looked up symptoms of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and kept watch for pain in the calf or behind the knee. Thankfully, I didn’t experience DVT symptoms.

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  1. I’m impressed you did that long of a flight at week 5. I was just contemplating today my chances of flying in December to visit my folks in California. It would be at the 10 week mark, about a five hour flight. But after reading your post I’m thinking it shouldn’t be a problem. My only concern is switching gates to catch connecting flights. Whether I’m in the boot or not, I won’t be able to move too fast. Did you take your crutches or are you totally crutch free at this point?

  2. I’m flying to Phoenix next week for Thanksgiving (week 6). This makes me feel better about flying. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Junebug, at the airport I was in the boot only, without crutches. I was definitely slower and cautious.The layover was 2 hours and thankfully passport control lines were low. Tight connections would be a concern. I had to pay attention to the traffic in the airport and stayed close to the wall making it easier for others to pass - wearing the boot gave me some security. Crutches and/or a cane may make it more obvious to others that we are watching our step.

  4. kamueller, safe travels. Phoenix is a great place especially in the winter. Michigan has plunged in to winter early this year.

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