2nd Follow-up and the NYC Marathon

I watched the NYC marathon on Sunday. It was interesting to hear about the start and how the 1st mile is uphill heading over the bridge. I hope the tough 1st mile for our ATR recovery is the initial injury and repair decision and that we do not "hit the wall" at mile 20. The initial injury was tough, the 1st days after surgery were tough but not terrible… since surgery healing seems to have accelerated with function and strength starting to return. Today is Day 33 post surgery and my second follow-up visit with the surgeon. I was hoping for the ‘official’ go ahead to wean out of the AirCast boot. However, he prefers staying in the boot until week 6 (through Day 42). There were no concerns on the repair and he only had positive comments about range of motion and strength at this time point. He seemed to indicate the only way to damage the repair would be experiencing an event similar to the injury, which could come from a slip or fall. He gave the go ahead for seated heel raises (physically possible but not allowed last week) and more range of motion activities and wants PT to start anytime after week 6. The surgeon was previously a PT. He indicated as a PT he was more likely to (or saw others) follow a rigid recovery protocol which could advance some patients too quickly and others not quickly enough.  I am able to walk with a limp in two shoes (inside on hardwood floors) and as this activity is not sanctioned, I will try to stay in the boot more often than not for the next 10 days. The surgeon  said the earliest he has seen a full single leg heel raise was 6 months (there are a lot of examples of heel raises sooner on this site). Not sure if a single leg heel raise at 6 months is a reasonable goal but will use it as a target and reset goals based on the recovery journey.

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  1. Sounds like ur moving right along. Stay diligent on that PT and you’ll be back before you know it!

    I’m at 17 weeks and jumped for the first time today in a while (you would have missed it if you blinked).

    Ironically my biggest challenge is distance walking. No issues with the exercises but I start swelling up after a mile. Staying after it though.

    Good luck with the rest of your recovery.

  2. Thanks Jeff - a jump, that is great news. Looking forward to more progress and will target a jump at week 17 as well. I am icing every day in the evening, the swelling in annoying.

  3. I’m still icing at 12 weeks so don’t expect that to end any time soon - LOL! Sounds like your progressing nicely! Looking back at my right foot I got to start working on jumping at week 18 so pretty close to Jeff’s timeline. And I was doing a single leg heel/calf raise at week 18. Not sure what a “full” heel raise is. I stopped writing about them at week 22 so I must have been doing fine with them and just adding more to get stronger. And from now until about the 5 month mark you see progress pretty steadily. At about the 5 month mark the improvements are not so noticeable week to week so you have to focus on month to month improvement.

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