Tentative Steps

Have been spending more and more time on the stationary bike. Low Resistance and wearing the boot. Feels good to have some exercise. Also tried single leg rowing for a short 500m. Planning to work on both biking and rowing over the next week. At the mid-point of week 4 I took a few tentative barefoot steps without the boot. Foot is stiff but without pain and will try to add a few steps over the next week. Trying to build up endurance in preparation for a trip to Barcelona with a transfer in Amsterdam. Requested ’special services’ for the flight and will wear the boot. 11 days until departure.

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  1. You might want to check with your doc about whether you should go barefoot. It all depends on how much atrophy happened in your foot. I can’t go barefoot until month 4 but I was 6 weeks NWB so I had a lot of atrophy. The concern is that if the tendons/muscles aren’t strong enough and if the bone isn’t built back up enough (you lose bone and muscle mass when you are NWB) in your foot you can break things when you walk barefoot. Looks like you were only 2 weeks NWB so you’re probably OK - but it never hurts to check.

  2. And once you are in shoes the rower is a lot easier - LOL! I don’t have the flexibility to strap my left foot in yet but I do put it on the foot rest, a bit higher up so it doesn’t flex as much and I push a bit with it now. I’m doing 3 rounds of 500m with some stretching in between them as my warm up, then I move to weight and abs exercises and end with the recumbent bike for at least 20 minutes. My doc won’t let me on the stationary bike in shoes until the 3 month mark.

  3. Thanks. I’ve emailed my doc a few days ago through the clinic portal and no reply… agree it is probably too early for attempting to start getting out of the boot. I am strapped back in the boot for now. Tomorrow I’ll try a few 500m session on the rower with the boot on the ground.

  4. Doc got back to me today and said no more stationary bike, no seated calf raises and no barefoot walking. One more week until the next visit and if all goes I should get clearance to start to transition out of the boot and get back on the bike.

  5. You might want to check with him to see if you can ride a recumbent bike. My doc won’t let me on a stationary bike until the 3 month mark. He let me start using my shoe on the recumbent at the 10 week mark as long as I made sure I was pushing through the heel and wasn’t flexing it too much. Before that I had to have the boot on and just rest it on the pedal - no pushing. Still the weight of the foot made it MUCH easier than 1 footed pedaling - LOL!

  6. I can’t help be jealous of your progress Rob. I can’t believe you were PWB after 2 weeks. I’m green with envy!

  7. LOL Junebug! When I did my first foot I asked my doc why I couldn’t be PWB early like folks with ATR did and he explained it to me. Basically for an ATR the sheath that surrounds the achilles is still intact so it give the achilles a path to follow to grow back together and heal (or at least that’s how I understood what he said). Once the achilles is cut (which is what they have to do for a bone spur surgery) the sheath is also cut so everything has to heal, including the sheath and that means NWB for quite a while.

  8. Huh. Interesting. I didn’t know that. I guess that makes sense.

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