First PWB steps

After splint removal I was cleared to PWB in the boot with 2 heel lifts as much as tolerated ‘letting pain guide." The 1st day post splint I took 2-3 steps with crutches and experienced pain in the heel and ball of my foot, was discouraged, and decided that was enough for the day. The next day I was able to do a single lap with crutches around the kitchen, dinning room and living room - still with some pain in the heel and ball of the foot. The 3rd day post splint I was able to do several laps around the house. The pain was mostly gone by day 3 and progression from PWB to FWB occured on day 6 after splint removal (day 20 post surgery).

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  1. Congrats! It is good to make some noticeable progress on the long road of recovery!

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