Sticking with the boot!

Hi everyone,

Many thanks to all who posted responses to my last update. In reality I think you are all perfectly correct that I should not try to rush things for a couple of weeks extra booted as It would be disastrous to cause a partial or full re rupture at this stage. By the time I see the consultant on Dec 12th it will be 7wks 4days from the accident so I anticipate he will want to keep me in the boot now until the new year return to work by which time it will be upwards of 11wks without starting physio. Walking in the boot is painless thanks to a small gel heel support that I have inserted as the heel was getting a little sore at times. I think I will follow the protocol involving mild physio of stretches etc with the boot removed that has been suggested as my Achilles feels fine and I have a good range of foot movement back without any feeling of tugging or pain in the tendon and no swelling that I can see. The only downside with the boot is that the height unbalance of some 75mm is taking its toll on both my knee and hip if I walk too far.For some reason I cannot access the protocols thar norm alluded to earlier nor can I access the Achilles profile update from the ‘user’ menu although I can access the ‘personal profile’. At least the crutches are a thing of the past.

Good luck to everyone on this tedious journey.

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  1. should get you to the protocols. Weaning off the boot 8 weeks in is pretty standard in the good ones.

    Gel inserts underfoot are great, but a full-length insert is preferable because it doesn’t change your (prescribed) ankle angle. A heel pad does.

    Building up your “good side” shoe to match your boot is important. One guy (RyanB) came out OK by keeping his booted knee more bent, but its tricky for most to walk straight that way.

    I can’t solve your access problem, but if you’ve logged in with more than one identity, you may have to remember the other one.

  2. And if you add a title to thus page, it’ll be easier to cluck on it, in the list.

    And - last one for now! - if you turn on Ajax Editing, I’ll be able to tack this onto the previous comment, and fix typos, too.

  3. looks like we are both about the same place…my guess is the heel pain will go away after a week or so..i have been in the boot a week and my heel is getting better…try”evenups” its a pad you can put on over your good foot to even out your legs…if you do buy one, try it with a few different shoes as im having trouble getting it just right…

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