3 weeks on

Still in plaster no2 non-op with foot at about 20 degrees but found that I can push my toes down in the plaster and feel my calf muscle flex now. Also able to walk on tip toes without discomfort as I found out accidentally when I overbalanced on the crutches and took my weight on my bad leg. Should I continue with this when able or wait until the boot is fitted in 8days time?

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  1. If your “plaster” is really a plaster cast, it’s probably best not to put weight on it, because they’re pretty brittle. Fiberglass casts are much stronger, and are often called “walking casts” — though they’re awkward to walk in unless you add a curved rubbery sole AND build up your other let to match. (Boots are much better.).
    Wiggling toes and gently flexing and extending in a cast is usually fine at 3 weeks. Be gentle and incremental, and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel good.

  2. Especially since you’re non-op, try hard to follow one of the successful blogs at achillesblog.com/cecilia/protocols. Going slower increases rerupture risk — as well as being a bloody nuisance.

  3. Thanks for that norm.
    The cast is fibreglass and to ensure not too much stress I am using a crutch to lessen the impact at the moment.

  4. Good luck with the recovery. I also went non op in Yorkshire. Cast for two weeks n boot for 12 . Think Norm giving you good advise there, don’t put weight on your cast unless directed. Being creative and positive is definitely the way to go.

  5. Thanks for that nosport45. Although I can walk on the fiberglass cast it does put pressure on the underside and back of my heel which tends to make it sore if I do too much. I rely mostly on my knee walker that I have knocked together from a padded 4 legged stool with a handle attached that I can use as a wooden leg leaving one hand free to carry things and also for stability when I stop. I have been promised the ‘boot’ this coming Friday at my next appointment and I can’t wait to get mobile properly again.

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