Massage Important

Just when I thought I had covered everything in my last post, I forgot one key ingredient - Massage of the scar tissue.
I can only talk from a non-operative perspective but I had 4 sessions of massage on the injury point and I’m not going to hold back when I say it was the most painful experience of my life but well worth it. The only way I can describe it is like someone massaging you with razor blades - sorry folks but I would rather be honest and yes like a woos, I ended up biting my own finger to bear the pain but I defy you to not do the same! After those four sessions, I went from very slight limp to normal walking. I still do massage myself on the injury site 10 mins a day when I can but it doesn’t hurt at all when I do it!

3 Responses to “Massage Important”

  1. Hi Phil,

    At what point of your recovery did you begin the massage therapy?

  2. Eyceman,

    I am pretty sure it was roughly 16-20 weeks in. I went to Physio and that was all they did.


  3. Thanks Phil…I do get massage and I do self massage also…I am now also using a compounding cream the OS prescribed made specifically for me…it is applied right on the tendon and on the ingredients is to help break up scar tissue. I’ve been using it 3 times a day for over a week with mixed results.

    For me massage has been helpful so I’m glad you brought it up to bring it to others attention. I know I did early massage at 6 - 12 weeks on my own after receiving tutoring on how by my PT….(very basic applying pressure to the scar tissue point by point along the tendon) and my PT started around 10 - 12 weeks with more aggresive cross friction etc…however, massage is a tricky thing with an injury and I’d recommend to blog readers not doing it without a experts help. There are YouTubes on correct massage technique for Achilles tendon ruptures if you are curious or very confident in your ability to manage yourself.

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