WOW! What a great feeling to be back playing sport again. Whilst the tennis was a little rusty, my movement around the court was exactly as I had left it.
I am still not 100% and still have plenty of work to do but I was astonished that not only did I feel great playing but there was no reaction, yes, no reaction whatsoever after playing.
If there is a silver lining with this injury, I am fitter now (45 yrs) in terms of core fitness than I have ever been and will continue with my exercise regime.
If it’s of any use to anyone, my routine has been;

Session 1
10 min static cycle
10 min stepper (never thought I would use one of those!!)
10 min treadmill slowly increasing pace.
Stretch calves/hamstrings/thighs/abs
ABS exercises
Double heel calf raises 3 x 12
Squats 3 x 12
Lunges both legs 3 x 12
Added weights to the above 3 eventually.
Alternate each session with last 3 using the Leg Press and the Hamstring & Quads machine.

Next Day
Session 2
Need an aerobics step. (Mine is quite small, no need for large here!)
Step forwards on and off
Step backwards on and off
Stand with step between your feet (narrow) bring left foot up, then right foot up, left foot down to floor, right foot down to floor.
Now stand with the stepper on your right (narrow). Place right foot on stepper and push up so left foot is lifted then return left foot to floor. Repeat other side.
Now the best one, you’ll feel this one in the hips….stand with stepper in front of you (long). Place right foot
on the stepper. Raise left foot from the floor behind you, over the stepper and down to the floor in front of the stepper only don’t put it on the floor. Swing left leg left and right a couple of times. Now lift the left foot back over the stepper behind you and repeat the swing just above the floor behind you completing one cycle. Repeat swapping feet over. This will be a good test of balance on your injured leg!
Double heel lift on the stepper.
Build up to 30 reps for each exercise.

Use theraband tied to banister. Place band along the top of the foot and pull towards you, then out to both sides and finally push away from you.
Eccentric double heel drops from bottom step, raise up and lower below step.
I then go through a series of body stretches held for 30 seconds x 3 to improve overall flexibility.
In an ideal world do each session every other day. In the real world, fit it in when you can and don’t get dispondent, you will get there in the end how ever long it takes.
Slowly build up running ensuring proper warm up. When ready, start with assisted single heel raise until you can do it without assistance.
My training protocol said return to sport after 26 weeks. Don’t rush it, only go back when you are ready. I waited till 36 weeks when I felt I was ready.
I started this at about 15 weeks and I had the odd week where I did nothing for one reason or another.

3 Responses to “8MTHS & BACK TO TENNIS!!”

  1. Thanks so much for the update!…at 19 weeks now I always get excited when someone ahead of me posts. I’ve observed that it is the tendency as time goes on to post less and less, obviously because there isn’t as much to post about and we do get busy living life again….So thanks. Putting up your program was great because I can see I’ve done exactly everything you have except running and it’s reassuring to know we’ve rehabbed in the same way and your playing tennis at 8 months…YAY!

    I especially liked that you said this: “here was no reaction, yes, no reaction whatsoever after playing.”….because I am still having tenderness along the repair site and most definitely have a reaction letting me know it’s there.

    I am so very happy for you!

    Donna, see my next update on massage, that might be what you need!


  2. Thanks for posting your workout routine Phil, looks like you have been working hard. Being fitter is a fantastic outcome of ATR, it is an injury that makes us take stock of our physical health and appreciate our fitness for sure.

  3. Donna,

    see my next update on massage, that might be what you need!


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