Unable to raise on toes

Things are moving along nicely now. I am running quite happily on the treadmill amongst all the other physio but I still can’t put any weight on my toes, there is just nothing there. Is this normal after 17 weeks or is there something else I should be doing?

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  1. I am glad you are doing well! I am at 7 weeks so can’t answer I’m afraid but am looking to hearing the replies for sure!

  2. Phil - I started single heel raise around 14 weeks but before then I would go up on my good leg and come down slowly on the bad, adding more weight as tolerated. Some people never get there and some take a bit longer. 17 weeks is still early and your strength may develop as you work the muscles. One thing that could prevent it is healing long. This does occur frequently with this injury and the amount of strength loss will vary. It is a matter of working on your strength for the next year and then a review. If you have healed long then you can live with it or undergo surgery to shorten it. Many who have healed long can live with it fine. This is the worse case scenario and it could be you are just needing more time. I suspect I am have healed a little short after surgery and that can pose other problems but could account for the full height heel raise and strength early.

  3. EXACTLY what Stuart said! :-)
    The gentlest exercise, apart from gentle seated Theraband or towel (belt, rope) work, is 2-leg heel raises. At first, put most (or all) weight on the strong side, then gradually shift over as tolerated. A diy Alter-G or swimming pool!

  4. You can also lean on a counter to take some weight off your feet.

    BTW, 2 good new-blog settings: (1) Activate AJAX Editing, and (2) Install the ATR Timeline Widget. 1 in Settings, 2 on the Main Page.

  5. Keep up the double leg stuff Phil, I am sure you just need to get stronger. Good for you- running!

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