Physio Delay and Confused!

Now, I am getting a little concerned. I am in week 14 and have still only been given a couple of foot mobility exercises and 1 stretch (towel pulling foot towards head and hold for 20 seconds). This doesn’t seem to be in line with the usual protocol. The first time I saw a physio was with a physio and a trainee. Now i am in the hands of the trainee only. I have run for a minute on a treadmill and have been told I can resume jogging! Whilst I feel I can probably jog and it sounds great, I am not convinced I am ready, or, am I just being over cautious. 4 weeks ago I am told by a consultant the next 4 months are the most vulnerable to re-rupture. 4 weeks later after wiggling my foot a bit I am told I can go jogging.
I have rung the hospital and asked if I can just run that past a consultant to see what they say. So waiting for a call back fingers crossed.

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  1. Just saw this but responded to your post on the other page before I did so you can go there to read it. Reading Snafu’s problems and others in the UK I still think the NHS is a bit of a hit and miss. Good luck with the system.

  2. Just remembered what my physio said about jogging. The ROM is important. She said to stand in front of a wall and put your knee on it. Move your foot back, keeping it flat and straight. Your other leg can be straight back. (like you are trying to push the wall over) Your toes needs to be 10cm (4 inches) from the wall before jogging should start. That is called +10. Less than that and you are going to stress the tendon and lots of other tendons surrounding including your planta fascia. If you put your toes on the wall and try to bend you knee to the wall and can’t touch it then you are in the negative. I hope I have explained it well enough.

  3. Stuart has a good point. The other thing I think you may be lacking so early on (I know I was) - the push-off.
    I outlined in a good bit of detail the course my physio had me on on my personal blog -
    One of the things he had me doing was walking lunges, going up on my toe on forward foot on step-through. To do this with perfect form is very difficult. Once my form was good he added a 10lb kettlebell in each hand. That built strength and muscle memory really quickly.
    In the first few weeks he had me doing presses on a machine with toes only - dorsiflex/stretch 5 seconds then plantarflex 5 seconds to move the weight. Really hurt the first few weeks but was very effective and progress was evident.

  4. Stuart - thanks for your input about the guideline of when we could start jogging. I’m at 16 weeks now and have been doing LIGHT jogging for the past two weeks and have not had any issues at all. I can walk on my tip toes and can do 15+ single leg calf raises but yet I am unable to have my foot 4 inches from the wall AND have my knees touch. Right now, I am able to touch my knees when my foot is about two inches away. My PT and OS told me once I can walk on my tip toes (without a limp), I could start jogging, never once mentioned the +10 guideline. I have no issues with push-off and covered three miles of jogging distance today (alternating a 1 mile jog with two minutes of walking). I am concerned that maybe I am rushing things a bit since I don’t quite have the flexibility and am scared to develop other issues as a result (I’ve had plantar fasciitis and that was not fun at all). I’m going to continue to work on my flexibility and get my foot 4 inches away from that wall! In the meantime, I will continue to work on my slow jogs but won’t go beyond what I am doing right now for distance. Thanks again for your guideline.

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