Non Surgery recovery!

This may help those who have not had surgery.
My achilles went without any warning having just played tennis for 2 hours followed by a kick around with a football. I was advised by a surgeon not to have surgery, don’t yet know if I will live to regret that advice!
I was put into a temporary cast immediately with toes pointing which was replaced after 10 days. Second cast meant I was in a cast for 3 weeks, then into the boot. Ditched crutches and FWB after 6 weeks, boot off after about 10 weeks.
Was surprised how easy it was getting back on my feet and into 2 shoes. Very frustrated by lack of PT thus far, only given modest mobility exercises and towel stretch but I know I have to be patient. Can do 2 footed calf raise. My calves are screaming at me for more exercise. Back driving by week 11 and able to walk reasonable distances with slight limp but no pain with the achilles which is good. Have some pain where I can feel the bone of my heel but seems to be reducing day by day (initially, could hardly weight bear because of the pain).
I have physio again on Monday so will see where that takes me. Last thing, foot still swells; I generally ignore through the day, maybe chuck some iced peas on it if I get the chance but still sleep with legs raised on pillows and when i wake up, foot looks almost normal again. Struggling with the skin underneath the foot even though I keep putting moisturiser on it, the skin gets very dry and peels.
Feel under pressure from work to get back to full duties; not convinced they understand how lengthy and slow the recovery process is!
Desperate to ride my bike or do sport but again I know I have to wait.
Will try and update again.

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  1. Phil, most of your aches and concerns are very common to this rehab, with or without surgery — messy skin underfoot, sensitivity under the foot and especially the heel, swelling esp. at day’s end, lingering limp esp. at day’s end, etc.

    You don’t say just how long it’s been since you started rehab (immobilization), which would affect some answers. If you can install the ATR Timeline Widget (instructions linked from the Main Page) it will answer our FAQs, including that one.

    I started bicycling (urban) while I was still FWB in a boot (pre-8-weeks), as soon as I thought I’d be OK landing on the boot with my weight (and the bike’s) in an emergency stop. And I continued in 2 shoes, though I “weaned” off the boot gradually when doing scary things, including biking.

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