Poor NHS Physio Update

I had a call from the head of physio for my local NHS trust and I quote her as saying “I share your concerns about your physio ┬átreatment”. She is going to meet with the head of Physio at my local hospital today to discuss my case. Now into week 15 and still only been [...]

Physio Delay and Confused!

Now, I am getting a little concerned. I am in week 14 and have still only been given a couple of foot mobility exercises and 1 stretch (towel pulling foot towards head and hold for 20 seconds). This doesn’t seem to be in line with the usual protocol. The first time I saw a physio [...]

Non Surgery recovery!

This may help those who have not had surgery.
My achilles went without any warning having just played tennis for 2 hours followed by a kick around with a football. I was advised by a surgeon not to have surgery, don’t yet know if I will live to regret that advice!
I was put into a temporary cast [...]

First Long Walk!

Yesterday was day 74 and I went for my first long walk with my wife. It was lovely, almost felt normal but still a long way to go. Have a slight limp, not from pain, I think it is just muscle weakness. I have only been given 4 exercises to do but I’m doing my [...]

Hello world!

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