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August 21, 2013 | |

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to this blog. I’m at about 6 months post injury/surgery now. My goal was to be almost 100% by this point but alas this injury is not so easy to recover from! I’m able to do everything a normal person would want to do…walk, play with the kid, bike, etc. One thing I did early on during recovery that I regret is going a little too hard on activities. I did a couple of 5+hr hikes in Eastern Oregon in June and started biking 25+mi a day, a lot of it on hills.

This was before I could do a heel lift.

I had to compensate for lack of calf muscle actuation by using other muscles and as a result ended up with Posterior Tibial Tendinitis. Fairly common among runners, Rx tends to be rest, orthotics to support the flat foot that I have to prevent further injury, and in the worst case, a walking boot. I’ve been dealing with this for the last few months and it seems to never get better. It’s much better than when it was diagnosed, but I still feel pain in the PTT when I point my toes or put weight towards the inside of the foot.

The bummer is that it’s preventing me from fully rehabbing my achilles and calf…I can now do a single heel lift but not full extension since my PTT acts up. It’s been tough to see the summer waste away.

So, the lesson here is to take it easy during recovery! Or, at least if you are going to go hard, do it the smart way.


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  1. sallycolella on August 22, 2013 8:50 am

    Thanks for the reminder. I am two weeks post surgery today and 16 days post rupture. Super eager to get biking and hiking again. Great to learn from your experience. Sally

  2. kellygirl on August 22, 2013 11:13 am

    Ditto what Sally said. Thanks for the reminder. In fact, I think you’ve motivated me to take the day off from exercise :)

  3. loumar747 on August 22, 2013 12:57 pm

    Yep - hard to remember that when we can walk and are returning to some activities we’re still not cured. You are half way there though!!!!

  4. eyechilles on August 29, 2013 10:16 am

    Yo Yak,

    Its good to see you back on the site. I was wondering how you might be doing and am sorry to hear about the tendinitis. I also thought I would be at a 100% by the six month mark and I am not there. I am still unable to do a proper single leg heel lift and my gait is still not perfect but is slowly getting better. At my last PT session, they said it was because my tibialis posterior was still atrophied and had to catch up so now I am doing specific exercises to strengthen it. As long as I can be back to 100% by one year from my injury, I will be very happy.

    Happy healing my friend and hope you are feeling better and recovering well…

  5. yakswak on August 29, 2013 11:11 am

    Hey Eye,

    Yup, took a long break but decided my experiences in the past few weeks could help someone. I’m in the hard position where the tendonitis to the PTT, which engages those muscles you are talking about, prevents me from taking my heel raises to the next level. What we’re working on now is helping with the healing process of the PTT but at the same time building that calf muscle up because both go hand in hand.

    I am doing better, and slowly increasing activities…like jogging and biking. We did more work at PT today than we’ve been doing, adding jumping exercises and dynamic extension work (heel raises while walking/raising the other knee). The trick now is to see how I am doing the next day after this work and tailor the load based on the feedback my body is giving me.

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