I’ll do a quick post about what my PT has had me doing during the sessions and at home. I started at couple of days after Wk6…so let’s just call it Wk6.

Wk6 1st Session

Basically just to evaluate how I’m doing so far…how did I injure myself, what’s my ROM, etc. I was not even close to Neutral despite my boot being neutral (she measured at ~10degPF). I got some massage and a bit of stretch in my foot/achilles which felt good. Nothing disturbingly difficult or scary. I was told to start active ROM in all directions, and to do it 5sec at a time working the muscles. Doing this in DF has helped my ROM.

Wk6 2nd session

So this session was a bit more fun. More massage and stretching. ROM has improved but she didn’t measure it this time. Did some BAPS for ROM and balance, introduction of Thera Band (green) for strengthening in PF direction only, and had me stand on bare feet without boot which felt very strange. I was to add the thera band and standing exercises at home, which has been great for balance and strength in the calf. PT encouraged me to shorten the band as much as I want to increase resistance if I felt up to it, so I’ve been doing that. Weight shift exercise on bare feet feel great too as I feel like I’m getting stronger.

Wk7 Session 1

This was today…PT had me doing a lot more today. She introduced the plastic torture device to work on my scar and tendon. No more nice massages. That definitely hurt; I’m going to have to ice tonight! Also, I took my first steps outside the boot in ages today. Not very long, maybe 10-20ft at a time but with no aides which felt scary but confidence inspiring at the same time (when I completed the first few steps, of course). It was probably less than 50yrds all together but hey, that’s 50yds longer than I’ve walked in 8 weeks! Although improving, the ROM in DF direction is still around neutral, and my Ortho apparently still does NOT want me past neutral so walking was a difficult affair. It’s a limp, not a walk. Also stood on a balance board with both feet…and then did some one foot balance exercise on a piece of foam. I’m to add walking exercises around the house in controlled environments to the exercises I’m doing each day. Those few steps were exciting! They will get better as I’m allowed to do some stretching to improve DF past neutral; you just can’t walk without DF.

All in all, good PT session. I’ll keep updating with PT progress and whatever news I get out of the Ortho next week…


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  1. Jack on April 18, 2013 6:51 pm

    Yak - Good going on the rehab “steps”. I just got out of my cast a week ago and am back in the boot on crutches. Finally got back to work this week, and I’m already putting a litle weight on the boot / foot. IT FEELS FANTASTIC - after 2 months of dragging that hunk of fiberglass around behind me! I’ve been doing gentle ROM movements and also some massaging of my tendon / foot / calf while resting. Olive Oil works wonders for massaging. Don’t know if I’m looking forward to the “plastic torture device”, but if it will help with breaking up the scar and hard tissue in my foot I’ll gladly inflict that pain upon myself!!!
    Keep your head up and keep on keepin’ on!

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