ATR playing basketball

28 year old male - Left ATR - occured while playing basketball - Injury 11/24/08 - Surgery 12/7/08 - Cast NWB 4 weeks (included week long trip to Florida) - 1 week NWB in boot - PT starts 1/14/09.

Would love to hear from anyone with similar stats. Getting very frustrated with lack of walking progress…. Thanks in advance !!

5 weeks post op ATR-Boot Discomfort

Hello all !! New to this site.  I recently received notification from my doctor to start FWB with the Bledsoe boot and ditch the crutches.  I feel really uncomfortable with every step I take.  Any tips on how to walk in the boot or how not to have it rub the injury area ??  I hope to get some additional ideas tomarrow when I start PT.   Thanks in advance !!