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14w-2d: nervous abt little bump above tendon repair

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I’m at 14 wks 2 days.  I’ve been doing great.  Steady progress every few days.  I’ve been walking fairly well, no limp unless sore or tired.  I’m able to play golf riding a cart.

In the past week, I’ve started to notice a little bump, like a little ball right where the tendon was repaired.  It’s sensitive to the touch - a little sore, especially after PT or walking moderate distances.  It usually feels better after a few hours but it’s something that doesn’t seem quite right visually.  It sort of protrudes out toward the back of the AT unlike the concave shape of a healthy AT.  I asked an ortho friend who says he sees it a lot and that it’s just fluid build-up and it will go away in a few days.  I’m seeing my ortho later this week - I’m definitely going to have him look at it.  We may do an MRI.  I’m interested if anyone has seen a symptom like this 3 months post-op.  I will definitely keep everyone posted.


  • strange… hope you get an explanation.

  • If you can get the doctor to order an MRI that’s great. Find out what it is.

    For me I still have a protrusion at the rupture/suture point. In my opinion, it’s the surgical procedure side-effect. When you plantarflex, you will I’m assuming notice even more of a protrusion and dimpling effect. The reattachment point isn’t going to be as flexible (and natural) hence a bump. I’m saying this at 8 months post-op.

  • You may have Hagland’s (sp)Deformity. Check it out on Google. I had - and still have a much reduced version than previously - it and was helped by physical therapy.

  • Hi there. I’m a long time reader of this site but never posted before - but have been moved into action by your post. I am about 100 days post-rupture. Conservatively treated in UK (nhs). Currently undergoing physio and in 2 shoes. Over the weekend my tendon swelled up enormously - about the size of an egg, sticking out a good 7mm from the tendon - making it very painful to walk. I initially thought I may have re-ruptured without hearing a snap. My physio assures me its just tendonitis which has come about by overdoing it. A physio friend confirms this. I flew over the previous weekend (2 hour trip) and the gym work had been stepped up plus have been walking a fair bit. The remedy is ice and elevation, for at least a week, and possibly 2. Complete inactivity is apparently what is required - after a 2 month spell in a cast this summer that’s not exactly music to my ears, but the swelling has gone down loads already since last weekend. I believe your ortho friend my have been describing tendonitis. Hope this helps!

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