Friday, August 28th, 2009...3:10 pm

‘Global ATR Club’

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I took a vacation to mexico, a cruise actually, and several people saw me wearing my boot and asked me what had happened in a knowing fashion.  I met one guy who had ruptured his AT 11 years ago and has since tattooed over his scar - a rupturing tendon with a soccer ball flying through it.  sort of tells the whole story right there.  Another guy came up to me and said he experienced the same injury many years ago.  It’s so interesting.  It’s like we’re in this club, the global ATR club - we now make special notice of the hardware (the boot), a certain type of limp, the scar….we empathize with the injury and the associated long recovery.  Sort of cool.


  • Wonder if a tattoo over the scar hurt any more than a normal tattoo? Good way to disguise/bring attention to the scar.
    So how exclusive is this club do you think?

  • My use of the word club was referring more to the camaraderie among those that have suffered ATRs. I mentioned the tattoo because I thought it was a clever thing to do on top a scar. This guy waited 5 years to do his and I don’t think it hurt at that point.

  • Unfortunately I don’t think this is a very exclusive club, given the number of people that have approached me (or at least my casts/boot) with their story. At least on a positive note where there is a significant proportion of the population suffering there will also be research $$$. (I’m feeling optimistic today)

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