Friday, August 28th, 2009...3:02 pm

10wk, 6 days-GOLFED, boot long gone

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I played my first round of golf since the ATR.  I took a cart with a handicap sticker.  I had fun.  I could hit with power and had a few decent shots.  I really didn’t feel all that different because I’m normally not that good of a golfer anyway.  I encounter some trouble (several, ahem, 4 actually,  snowmen appeared on my scorecard) due to lack of playing and uneven lies were somewhat troublesome.  I played without a boot, which I’ve basically stopped wearing as of a few weeks ago.  I have very minor swelling which looks bad because the ankle swells up above where the shoe is so the area is sort of lumpy.  All in all a great time.  so far so good.

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  • Hey Wub:

    I played nine holes myself yesterday morning. Took a cart. I find I’m 10 to 15 yards shorter on every club. Must be babying the injured achilles a bit. Good news I hit the ball straight and made par on two holes.

    Had a lot of fun. Who says summer is over!!

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