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8wks, 3 days-shifting gears, literally

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After nearly 2 mos, I finally took the car (with a manual transmission) out for a drive in 2 shoes.  It was good to get out there and row through the gears.  I’m guessing my clutch is the equivalent of 20 lbs of force on my achilles so it should make for a good rehab activity.  About a week ago, I actually drove some while still in my boot, which probably is not a great idea.  The boot is bulky and it’s conceivable that one could hit the brakes inadvertently.  Also, the inability to plantar flex is an issue preventing you from depressing the clutch all the way but in a pinch, driving with a boot (left foot) on the clutch is doable.


  • I drove with the boot on the whole time. It was a bit akward (left foot, manual transmission). I had to lower the seat as far as it could go and move the seat forward to get the clutch all the way down. I actually drove before I had the boot only 1 week post op by pointing my toes completely so the load was in the opposite direction to my achilles. Now that you are 2 shoes it should be much better.

  • Awesome! I cant wait till I can drive my car again. Allegedly my aftermarket clutch requires 40lbs of force to disengage the clutch, so I’m guessing I still have a ways to go yet. I’m not even out on my round 2 cast yet.

  • I can’t wait either. I also drive a manual car but did my right leg.

    Unfortunately I have big feet and a small car, which means not enough space between pedals to use the boot without pushing more than one pedal at a time.

    I haven’t even tried driving with the cam boot as (pre injury) my hiking boots were big enough to cause problems.

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