Monday, August 10th, 2009...12:30 pm

8wk, 2 days-greenlight from ortho for 2 shoes, golf in boot

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I’m not going to kid anyone.  I’m a competitive person… and I have peterh and doug53 in my sights! (well, not them per se but their awesome recovery schedules)

I’m essentially 2 mos post-op and I saw my ortho today.  he was very pleased with what he saw - the tendon is very solid, the wound looked good, etc.  he sd it was ok for me to start phasing in 2 shoes, golf in a boot should be ok, and that I was ahead of schedule.  Needless to say, I was happy to hear it.  I’ve been pushing a little ahead of my ortho’s rehab pace and I feel like he’s given me the greenlight to push just ever so slightly harder to getting my active life back.

I still feel tightness when I lean forward on the injured foot when I walk so I plan to take it easy but I’m going to do a little more every 2 days.  I think strength will be more important now. I need more power in my plantar flexion to take the pressure off my knees which are sore after extensive boot walking and to eradicate the limp I have because my left foot walks flat footed.

good luck to everyone.


  • Congrats on your progress so far. Seems like you’re well on track to “beat” me. If you can go 2 shoes full time at 8 weeks, you’re already 2 weeks ahead of me. I was “walking” 2 shoes for short distances at 8 weeks, but 10 is when I ditched it for good, other than for sports. If you want to really push yourself to get back ASAP, you should track your progress through measuring your calf/tendon strength. A huge milestone for me was when my plantar flexion strength reached my body weight at 11 weeks. From then on it was smooth sailing. From 3 to 10 weeks there was steady progress from 30 lbs through 120 lbs strength, but it felt like a huge plateau because I couldn’t lift my weight, so there was no practical improvement. I’d me curious at what you’re at now?

  • Wubs,

    We’ll totally have to get you out with my golf group one day soon, now that you’re getting back into it!


  • Good idea. Do we know any medics that golf and can come with us? in case one of us high-riskers goes down!

  • I better find some, just in case ;-) We played Chuck Corica in Alameda today. 9 holes after work that became 8 due to loss of light. We’re hitting up Golden Gate Park this Saturday. Be sure to let me know when you’re ready for 9 holes and I’ll let you know what’s on the calendar! Woohoo!

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