Tuesday, August 4th, 2009...8:41 am

7wk, 2 days-driving range, evening soreness

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I finally went to the driving range yesterday.  The great as well as incredibly sad thing is my ball striking is actually not much worse with one good leg.  It felt good to get out and do something physical.  I felt no discomfort while I was out there and I laid into a few.

Last night (similar to most nights), my AT area felt a little sore and tender with minor swelling.  I keep feeling the tendon and, whether it’s real or imagined, I think I can feel a bump or edge where my AT was repaired.  It could be scar tissue but I have no idea.

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  • I too seem to have a bump on my tendon as well. In fact, I seem to have 2 bumps. One is closer to my heel and the other is just north of my incision. I guess it may just be a perspective thing meaning that the area between those two points is actually depressed making it look like there are two bumps on the ends. I will be asking my doc at my next visit exactly where the tendon was joined to see if it correlates with one of the bumps or the depression if that is truly what it is. I haven’t started PT yet (hopefully next week) but hopefully when the massage starts some of this irregularity will get worked out and the area will get streamlined.

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