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7wks-observations: soreness, sensitivity, walking bootless, lumpy skin after icing

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SORENESS AFTER WALKING: As directed by my PT, I try to walk in the boot with as normal a stride as possible.  This causes a stretching sensation in the back of my calf (feels like muscle, AT, and skin) and after a bit of walking or at the end of the day, my AT area is pretty sore.  I think it’s normal to expect this and am hoping some of you have had the same sensation and found it to be normal.

SENSITIVE SKIN AROUND AT: The skin around my AT is still a little sore.  I’m wondering how normal this is 7 wks post-op.  The soreness feels like a mild bruise - nothing painful - but it’s all around the AT area even on the outside of my AT (the opposite side of the incision, my incision was done slightly to the inside to avoid irritation later on from wearing shoes).

WALKING WITHOUT BOOT:  I’m still having trouble walking normally without the boot.  I feel hesitant to really lean forward as I feel the stretching sensation in the back of my leg.  I also can’t get much lift from the injured side so I’m very flat footed.  I only do this around the house.  I haven’t been instructed to but I’m trying to do more strengthening - seated calf raises, where I just try to lift my knees off the ground.

LUMPY SKIN AFTER ICING: Also, after icing, I’ve noticed lumpiness in the skin around my incision.  It’s like there are dimples and ridges up and down my AT.  This tends to even out after a 20 mins or so but it looks really weird.

Other than these minor issues that I’m curious about.  Things seem to be going well.  I’m walking fine and if I’m feeling good, I may hit the driving range next week.

Good luck to everyone.  -wubfree

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  • My ortho told me that walking in the boot does nothing for the calves. So walking in the boot does not do much for you other than it is more convenient than the cast.
    My understanding is that the circulation is still bad as you do not move much inside the boot so it will increase swelling. So I guess you should not walk more than necessary.
    Exercises (like theraband) would help your calf and ankle strength. After 6 weeks of not using the calves they are weak, so you have no push-off when you step. Also all the muscles in the foot are weakened so you feel flat footed. I started to feel stronger after 6 weeks in 2 shoes, after lot of exercises balancing on 1 foot.
    When trying to walk it is the quality not the quantity that matters: slowing down and trying not to limp, taking time to keep weight on the bad foot, not shifting it quickly to the good foot, rolling the feet….
    Need patience, do not let it get inflamed.

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