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Nervous about Dr tomorrow!

I so want off these crutches!! I am tired of teaching all day on crutches and pwb.  I am getting depressed because I have nothing accomplished for Christmas yet!! It is too hard to go shopping on crutches.  I did not measure 0 degrees today for dorsiflexion, I was -3 degrees.  Pt said hopefully doc will still let me go fwb and more therapy sessions.  I will update after appointment tomorrow.  Please send positive thoughts…….I need them.

Sleeping without the boot :)

I was given permission on weds. to take my boot off to sleep!!! I was so happy, as the boot was bruising my other leg while sleeping at night. I don’t think I am sleeping any better yet…because I wake up afraid that I am turning it wrong or something :( Hopefully, this weekend I can rest a little easier and try and catch up on some sleep. Next week at PT I get measured to see if I can actively get into neutral or 0 degrees of dorsiflexion, and if I can then my Dr. will let me become FWB without the crutches :) I am doing my ROM exercises from PT 2x a day to get that ankle into neutral by next weds. I HATE THESE CRUTCHES!!!!!! 7 weeks of them is long enough!!!!

Boot issues :(

So found out they had my cam boot locked in 30 degrees of plantar flexion but had the dorsiflexion in 0 degrees….meaning I was putting my heel down too much for a week!! Luckily, I tried not to put my heel down too much even though I felt like I could.  Told the therapist this and she looked at the boot and fixed it.  Now, I feel much more stable PWBing. It feels more like when I was casted.  The good news was I did get more movement in a week….I can now actively get to -15 degrees of dorsiflexion.  My Dr. wants me at 0 or neutral in 3 weeks at my next appointment.  I feel like I am making progress, but it is slow :(

I just can’t wait to get rid of these crutches!!!!!!!!

Therapy Today

I am going to my second therapy session today :)  so tired of doing nothing!!  I hope she does more than just massage and soft tissue manipulation. I know I need to be patient, but I am getting so depressed from this inability to be independent!  I did trip on the stairs this week and think I put more weight on it than I should have.  I am concerned about reinjury (even in the boot).  Hope the therapist will tell me everything looks ok because I don’t see the Dr. for another 3 weeks.  I am getting more movement back and am scared that I am progressing too quickly????  Help with comments please!

3 weeks post op tomorrow

I am 3 weeks out tomorrow and am in a boot that is locked in 30 degrees of plantar flexion (very similar to how i was casted for 2 weeks. I am allowed to be toe touch wt. bearing on crutches. I am a teacher and have been back to work since 11/5. I am having a burning kind of pain on the outside aspect of my heel. anyone else experienced this sensation and should I be concerned?