Another Update… Free Bird (almost)

Well yesterday I went back to the doctor. He allowed me to move to ONE crutch and ween myself off completely. I woke up this morning and tried 10 steps unassisted. Felt totally WEIRD but freeing at the same time. I have to keep the boot on for 3 more weeks (Jan. 2; This will be 12 weeks post surgery). He did allow me to “walk” in a pool. First type of  ”exercise” in 8 weeks. My incision has completely healed.

I have found when I stop walking or have been sitting for an extended period it takes a little extra care in getting up and re-balancing myself. I can walk 5-8 minute stretches but the bottom of my heel feels weird because (A) I haven’t walked in almost 8 weeks and (B) the boot design on the bottom is not flat.

I am a little head of schedule and the doctor is very happy with the ROM. He thinks I may not have any P.T. at all.

I just have to keep reminding myself Rome wasn’t built in 1 day and I can see a gleamer of light at the end of the tunnel.

2 Responses to “Another Update… Free Bird (almost)”

  1. Go to PT anyway. They do help you strengthen things in the right way and may find that you have other weaknesses. I had no idea my right glute was weak - quite weak. I spent a lot of time strengthening that in addition to my right leg.

    And congrats on starting to walk! Hopefully the boot bottom is kind of rocker shaped. That helps you to do the normal foot rolling motion without stressing the achilles initially.

  2. I Agree– do the PT. It helped me so much. It doesn’t seem like it because the sessions are short but it really does help!

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