1 year +

Well its been a while since I have been on here. Life has gotten super busy.

October 13th, 2018 was my 1 year anniversary. X-rays were super clean and tendon is healed 100%. I was having some outside foot pain/pulling while I was running once I hit about 6 miles. Doctor said it was peroneal tendinitis. He gave me some prednisone (my absolutely favorite running drug lol). I have found the problem was my new running shoes I got I moved away from my POWERSTEP INSOLES (apparently a big mistake). I put them back in and since I have had zero discomfort and pain.

I ran 12 miles this morning! I have my first half marathon NOVEMBER 18 in TULSA, OK.

I do have some moments were the heel is still tender and sore. I feel like I’m about 95%. I would saw this might be as good as I will be since I keep running and pounding the pavement. I have lost 29# since April and back to running.

Now trying to just be safe and plan out when I will have the OTHER FOOT done (right foot has bone spur thru AT).

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  1. Glad you’re back to running now! Good luck on your half marathon!

    Oh bummer your next foot is your right? I did the right foot first since it was the worst. The right foot is just more of a PITA since you can’t drive until the doctor gives the OK. For me that was at 6 weeks. And whenever I asked my doc when I should get it done he always said - when the pain is bad enough that you can’t stand it. The caveat is that there are no guarantees you’ll be able to get back to doing the things you love doing (soccer for me) after the surgery. So when I couldn’t play much soccer anyway due to the pain I had the surgery on my right foot. My left foot wasn’t quite that bad yet but since the right foot was so successful I figured the left would be as well and I wanted to be fully healed in time to go see the women’s world cup in France next June :)

    The good part is that you can plan this type of surgery (assuming your Achilles doesn’t rupture on its own due to the bone spur) and do it when the timing is right for your life.

  2. Congratulations on the 1 year mark! Good luck in the half marathon. I look forward to getting back to running as well. Really miss it. Wintertime might just be the time to have that second one done! Good Luck.

  3. One year and 100% healed tendon…that’s awesome! Congratulations!

  4. Pretty impressed with the 29# weight loss! Not sure if overcoming ATR was your inspiration but sure sounds like you are crushing it. Thanks for the post!

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