30 weeks….

A little update.

Its been a few weeks since I posted. Not much has changed. I am up to running 30 minutes 3 times a week. I been swimming and stationary bike the other days. I started several weeks ago with 10 minutes 3X a week and DR had me increase 5 minutes each week. I am not worried about MILEAGE, just TIME! Its so nice to get out and pound the (flat) pavement again.

I go back to the doctor next week. It will then be decided if and when he will let me run a half marathon (shooting for NOVEMBER 18 in TULSA, OK)

I do have some discomfort on the side of my AT. It does still have a lump but I have been stretching and ICING ICING ICING. Still walking with a slight limp as the day goes on and I work on my feet all day.

CSERPENT - if your reading this… when did you finally have that “break-thru, aw ha” moment and feel like 100%

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