Update - 6 months!

So I am at the 6 month mark. I went to the  Doctor for check up. He said things are looking great. I am having just a small discomfort on the outside part of my ankle but he said its normal. He said when you mess with that much of the AT and detach it just takes time to heal and harden around it.

So he released me to “jog” slowly. 10 minute segments at a time and increase 5 minutes each week for the next 6. I go back to him in 6 weeks and then it will be decided if I can run/train for a half marathon in the fall.

I went to the local high school track (of course it was being used for spring football and track practice) so I found a super flat part of the lot, laced up my shoes, and turned on my GPS watch…. it had been been 31 weeks and 3 days since my last run…. OFF I WENT.

I was pleasantly surprised I had a 10:14 mile. I was SUPER PUMPED! Best part was I woke up the next day with no pain. SO hopefully we are back on the right path!

Bad news: He X-RAYED my right foot and the same problem… Haglunds Deformity aka heel spur, bone spur, the devils point! is in the same spot as the other one…..

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  1. Congrats on the 6 month mark! Before I had my right foot worked on I didn’t even notice the bone spur on my left (but I knew it was there). Now that my right foot feels great I notice my left foot more and more. It’s painful enough that I’m looking forward to surgery to remove the bone spur (aka LARGE lump of bone) on that foot. I’m already getting things planned out to have the surgery in fall. I thought I might be able to wait a couple of years to get it done but it is really painful now and my right foot feels sooo good!!! I’m thinking I just didn’t notice the pain of the left foot because my right foot was so bad - LOL!

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