Update… 22 weeks POST OP

Sorry I have been slacking on the updates recently. Between work and family and foot I have been slammed.

SO yesterday was 22 weeks post op. I am GLAD I have been going to PT (I believe it was cserpenant who told me to go). It has helped out A TON. Yesterday was my best PT session yet. I made it thru with ZERO pain or discomfort. I had a session last week and was doing this square agility drill and the outside of my ankle on my surgery foot grabbed and I went down. We ended the session and went straight to icing.

I met with the foot doctor this week for my 5 month checkup. He can not believe that my calf is normal size, especially after this type of surgery. He said I will really see stronger results at the 6-9 month mark. He cleared me to start walking on a treadmill (more on that in a second). He said he wants 1 more month until we start talking about jogging.running on it.

PT has been ok. Balancing on this half dome ball, lunges, leg press machine, 4 square drill, step up and downs….. I have been leaving mentally deflated because of the discomfort in my ankle, but yesterday was REALLY uplifting. Afterwards I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes (0.5 miles) and felt zero pain! Just have to keep taking it nice and slow.

Looking back so far its hard to believe its been 5 months! I completely underestimated the time it would for recovery. Just remember to hang tough and take it 1 day at a time.

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  1. wow, thats awesome to hear that you made it through a PT session with no pain. I’m only ~15 weeks out and every exercise hurts my ankle in ways that I would never expect it to, bone, other tendons, overall soreness, etc.

    the one footed balancing drills are definitely challenging and humbling because I can barely keep my balance on one foot.

    good luck with your continued PT!

  2. I know the feeling on the one foot balance drills. Its definitely a HUMBLING experience HAHA> I stand one legged on this circle foam thing and then throw a weighted ball into this angled trampoline screen and it comes back to me. 5 sets of 5…. humbling!

    I wish I had done my PT earlier. I think the DR was trying to let me heal as long as possible on my own. I still walk with a slight limp… the guys at work call me “Step, drag. step, drag!”

  3. Glad you had a painless PT session! I’m actually impressed your calf size is normal size already. Mine is still smaller than it was - but that is often what happens to some folks after this surgery. And I’m glad my suggestion to do PT helped. I absolutely believe it is essential. My PT found other problems I didn’t know I had (right glute was massively weak! in addition to the rest of the right leg due to non-use). My doc gave me the “do anything” OK at the 6 month mark but even then my foot did not give me the OK - LOL! Let your foot guide you in the first year. If it is painful to do then your foot probably isn’t ready. i went hiking at 8 months (from what I recall) and wasn’t able to go up a really steep hill still. Since I’ve hiked many a steep hill since I’m sure it’s not a problem now (13 months out).

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