Well yesterday I got my cast off. WHAT A RELIEF! I was in the cast little over 2 weeks.

I am now currently in a removable walking type boot but I am STILL NWB for 3 more weeks. I would rather be in a cast then a removable cast boot. The boot is so hard to sleep in and is just a feeling like a ball and chain.

The doctor is VERY happy with my progress. I am right on schedule. The incision looks good. My achilles tendon is feeling strong. He is allowing me to do small ROM (Range of Motion exercises) 3 times a day, 20 reps with icing afterwards. I am allowed to take a shower and get my leg wet. It was nice to get the orange dye surgery funk off my legs. The problem I have now is my ankle and feet are drying out and itchy.

After the 3 week period I will move to partial weight bearing with crutches…

The worst part now is the DIET… I just got to get refocused and stop eating sweets. I have the biggest   sweet tooth known to man.

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  1. Check with your doc if you can wear a plantar fascitis boot at night instead of the walking boot. That is what I got from my doc (check my blog for a picture). I couldn’t walk in it (though, as you say, I was also NWB with the walking boot for several weeks) so if I had a midnight bathroom visit I had to scooter to the bathroom - but at least it was much easier to sleep in and kept things in place as the doctor wanted.

  2. Whew!! You are lucky to be out of a cast. Had my surgery Nov. 3, and in a cast for 2 weeks, removed, incisions out, then back into another cast for 4 weeks, then a walking boot for 4 - 8 weeks. My cast is so claustrophobic. The pain pills increased my claustrophobia, and it is manageable so long as no pills. But my foot aches and ankle feels constantly wet. My toe has a sore spot from rubbing and my foot pad and toes are still numb. I would prefer to have a cast that I can take off to shower, scratch itches, massage my foot, etc. Dec 13 my cast comes off. I opted for the hight end vaco boot and can’t wait!

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