Mental State

Well today is Wednesday and it marks 5 days since surgery. The two biggest things so far are:

1. Sleeping Positions. Its so hard to get comfortable. I have tried my back, and evaluating the leg but all the pressure on your heel starts hurting. I have tried my back and laying on the outside of your leg. I have tried my side and a pillow between the legs. Sleep comes in about 2-4 hour ways and it seems just about everytime you get comfortable you have to pee. LOL Thank goodness for Percocet (although I hate taking these type meds if I don’t have too)

2. Mental State. I am not a person who normally just sits around. I am type A, active, driven, and on the go. This sitting around watching TV gets old after a couple hours. Im trying to read and keep my mind off it but that gets boring after a while too. I know its a process. I know I have to follow doctors orders.

I would say finding this has been SUPER helpful. Getting some type of plastic chair for a shower was a great tip. The knee scooter seriously is a Must. I rent it for $2.00/day ($60.00 a month)

Obviously everyone experience is different but surgery is surgery and recovery is recovery. You have to control the things you can control, and accept the things you have to accept.

The first week is the most crucial from what I have read and been told. I want to listen to the doctor and his orders because 1 I spent a ton of $ money on the surgery (insurance just sucks) and 2. I want to be able to run again. I know it will be several months, and possibly a year until I can return to running, but have small goals for yourself. Take it hour by hour or day by day.

Funny story before I go. Yesterday I just had to get out of the house. So I decided to use my crutches and go to the mail box (which is in a cluster 3 houses down). I was EXHAUSTED half way down and had to stop. And I had to stop coming back. All for 2 junk mail pieces LOL. I get back in the house sweating and my wife goes “How did that work out for you babe pretty good huh?” Trying not to laugh!

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  1. Being non-weight bearing (NWB) just plain stinks. It sounds like you’re off to a good start with the knee scooter and shower seat, but everything you do takes alot of energy and mostly you’re doing nothing. The good news is that every day is better than the one before, and you can look forward to little things like when you’ll be able to brush your teeth while standing on two feet. You’ll sweat a little less the next time you get the mail, and when you are full weight bearing (FWB) you can do a power hobble to the mailbox! Just do what the doctor tells you and keep laughing at how ridiculous your situation is.

  2. I was NOT able to ever get comfortable when I was in the cast. I think for about 5 weeks I got 2 hours of sleep at a time. I was so tired I didn’t even care that I was laying around doing a whole lot of nothing. I was in a cast for 2.5 weeks, then into a boot for many more weeks. I complained about sleeping so much that they gave me a night boot. I couldn’t walk with it but eventually I got used to it enough that I could sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. The pain pills for me would only give me about 2 hours of sleep. I think I used them full strength for the first 5 days, then 1/2 strength for about 3 days and then not at all. Do eat lots of fiber though if you’re taking the pain pills!

    And, yes, doing not much of anything works up a sweat initially - LOL! I remember when just butt bumping down the stairs would work up a sweat! My hubby knew I was feeling better when, at about 4 weeks, I started taking the scooter up/down the stairs myself and insisted on going with him on a trip to Costco just so I could get out of the house and see things - LOL! And keep that foot elevated and iced as much as possible. Keeping the swelling down is very key in the first few weeks. Good luck on your recovery!

  3. When sleep with the cast Hun make sure the heel is not on the pillow. This will stop the heel from hurting as there is no pressure on it. I’m waking up with back and hip pain every morning but I think it’s something that goes with having the leg elevated unfortunately. but do try the heel thing it definitely helps xx

  4. Yes I found the heel trick out the hard way… LOL. Have u tried elevating both legs for different periods? I haven’t had any back or hip pain. If I had to do all this over I would buy a recliner and sleep in it full time. I just do not have any room in my house for it.

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  5. My doc told me to keep the foot hanging over the edge of the pillow so there is no pressure directly on the incision area. I didn’t have any hip problems either. I did get a recliner (we needed to replace one we had so I bought one that would work for my surgery as well) but I ended up not using it too much. I’m just too fussy about my sleeping environment. I tried sleeping in it one night and ended up on the couch so at that point I moved to the bedroom and basically stayed there. I would go downstairs periodically and elevated in the recliner chair - but that wasn’t my major hang out spot.

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