1st Appt Post-OP

I went to the doctor Monday (October 16).

The doctor took some new X-rays. From what I saw it looked like the bone spurs were COMPLETELY gone from the newest X-RAYS The doctor removed the ace bandages, the L splint, some more bandages, and cut away the gauze. Now I did not look because I didn’t want to pass out but my wife said it was pretty ugly looking, but not a lot of swelling. The doctor was very happy no infection was present and he added some ointment to the staples.

He also took out the pain pump (which is amazing I don’t have this needle, catheter, and purse sticking out my leg). The stupid pump stopped working about 24 hours into the weekend and then started working again.

I asked him about the procedure and he said it was actually about as bad as he thought it would be one he got in their. He ended up detaching 90% of my achilles tendon and scraped away the bone spurs. (you can youtube the procedure, but fair warning… nasty!)

Then wrapped me all back up and told me to come see him in a week to remove the staples and he would put me in a HARD cast.

He was ADAMANT about staying at home and relaxing. Elevating and ICE…. Those will be your 2 favorite things.

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  1. I’m with Kaiser and my instructions were:

    elevate 90% of the time during the first 3 weeks. and ice 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off as much as possible.

    Now I’m back to playing soccer, doing interval training and everything I was doing (though hobbling a bit after a soccer game) before surgery! I followed the docs instructions to the letter (thanks to my hubby who kept the ice pack coming)

    And why is it so important to elevate for SOOOOOO long I asked my doc? He said the foot has very little fat so when it swells the skin/muscles/… just got pushed on/stretched which isn’t helpful for healing and can make the entire recovery process take longer.

    For my surgery the achilles was completely detached in order to remove the bone spur - but mine was quite large (I called it a bone lump, not spur) since I had been delaying the surgery for 10 years :)

  2. Did they say what the chances of the spur coming back was? What can u do after you recover to prevent the spurs from returning? That is my BIGGEST fear… I go back to running and in 3-4 years I get spurs again!l

    I assume the more they mess with the AT the longer it takes in the healing process? My doctor said age and previous activity also are major factors in recovery.

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  3. SO did they put you in a cast right away? How long were u in the cast? I am just in a splint and bandages first week. He said Monday I would get staples out and then a cast. He won’t say how long the cast will be… 2-6 weeks is initial thought. Then a walking boot for 8-10 weeks.

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  4. I was in a cast for maybe 3 days - LOL! They had me in the splint for 2 weeks and the tech made the mistake of telling me I would be in a boot at the next appt. Well at the next appt they put me in a cast (I think that was on a Thursday or Friday) and I complained loudly and long that they said I would be in a boot!!! I insisted they talk with my doctor to see why I wasn’t going into a boot. They couldn’t get a hold of him righ then and there so they put me in the cast. So I had the cast over the weekend, got called in for an appt on Monday got the cast off and was in the boot - LOL! Still NWB of course. I’m sure the fact that I was doing what I was told and had very little swelling had a lot to do with getting the boot earlier. Also the cast and splint were very uncomfortable and I was going in for splint changes about every 3-5 days due to rubbing, looseness, … I also reminded them I would be coming in for cast changes just as often since I was having enough trouble sleeping with the darn thing on my foot so I didn’t want any more annoyances like squished padding wrinkling, …. And I emphasized many times that I could only get about 2 hours sleep at a time since the thing was so uncomfortable and the slightest irritant will keep me awake. And that was very true.

    That must have gotten back to the doc since they gave me a plantar fasciatis night splint to put on instead of the boot at night. It was basically an L shaped, padded splint that you tighten up to keep everything in place, at 90 degrees and not moving. And I was doing ROM exercises at that point as well (so basically at the 3 week mark). At least I think that’s when I started doing ROM. You can go through my achillesblog posts to see what I did when if you’re interested.

    So go ahead and complain LOL - or at least question. As I said my achilles was completely cut, moved aside, major grinding down of the bone growth, reattach achilles with anchors. The exact type of surgery affects when you can do ROM, … But I ALWAYS asked my doctor for reasons for why I was and wasn’t doing some things. You may want to ask your doc the same since 6 more weeks in a cast seems excessive - at least to me. My ROM was just foot sideways and front to back. Nothing too stressful. I was NWB for a total of 6 weeks.

    As far as whether the bone spur will return - who knows! My doc said they don’t really know why they form. He said he tends to see them on very overweight people. So mine may have formed because I have very small feet for my height and my achilles is tight. So it could be that the extra stress caused by the small foot for a bigger person may have tugged on things and caused calcification. And I do have a spur on my left foot but it isn’t causing me any issues since it is a lot smaller. If I can still wear shoes with a closed heel then it isn’t worth bothering with. I was wearing crocs, clogs, … for 10+ years with my right foot since it was bugging me that long. I’m not going to worry about it returning. If it does reform it will take many years to get big enough to worry about. I have to say it is soooooo nice to be able to wear any shoes I want now without needing my gel pad sock and without any pain!!!!

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