I have my first PT appointment on Wednesday. Hoping this will get me pointed in the right direction.

I am up to 30 minutes on the stationary bike and 30 laps in the pool.

What other kinds of things can I expect at PT?

Custom Inserts

Do you guys think its worth getting custom orthotics made? I know they are super expensive and insurance doesn’t cover it, but I thought I have spent all this money and time on surgery and rehab would they do anything for me?

17 Weeks…

Well today marks 17 weeks post surgery.

I went to the foot doctor yesterday. The strength is great. The ROM is great. But I am still limping and have some tenderness/slight pain on both sides of my ankle and underneath. Nothing on the back side. So the doctor is sending me to PT. The place he wanted to send me is not covered by my insurance (gotta love insurance these days), so I am waiting to hear about secondary PT place.

I asked the dreaded ? of ” Doc, when can I go back to running?” He said it would be at least another 2 months before we have that discussion (6 months post op). He said he may let me start walking on the treadmill next month depending on how the PT is going. I am currently up to 30 minutes on the stationary bike and 20 laps in the pool. Slowly building cardio back up. Amazing how quickly you can lose it!

2 questions:

1. When were you all allowed back to running?

2. I really try not to walk barefoot around the house (wear clean pair of crocs for one support). I noticed then I walk barefoot it feels really weird on the bottom of my heel. Like a squishy weird feeling (I know hard to describe in words) Thoughts?

Second Surgery? Thoughts? Opinions

Guys and Gals,

I have been going back and forth on whether to have my right foot done. I know I have a small bone spur on it and its literally the same pain I have like my left one (pre surgery). I been thinking about whether or not to have the surgery in the fall but that would put me out of running for like 2 years.

I have thought about getting fully healed from the left foot, start running and training for a half and see how it feels and put the surgery off until like the fall of 2019. I just don’t know what to do.

I miss running and competing. But having 3 kids, work and the impending 4-6 months of recovery weigh on my mentally.

Thoughts? Opinions? Lets hear them.

15 weeks Post-Op

Well today marks 15 weeks POST OP. I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks. I am up to 20 minutes on stationary bike and i did 16 laps in the pool (25m pool).

I have been feeling really good. Still walking with a limp. I feel like Im getting stronger everyday… little by little. Has anyone else dealt with the limp when they walk? When did they finally make the turn and walk normal?

I am still doing my exercises and the 2 feet calf raises. My cardio is coming back very slowly. I just have to get my DIET back on track. Its crazy how quickly you pack it on and how slow it comes off…. #babysteps

Update - 13 weeks P-Op

Well I went to the doctor today. He is VERY impressed with my strength and ROM. He told me I could start swimming and kicking with both feet and to also start on the stationary bike (so now at least my cardio is slowly come back LOL). He gave me an ankle brace to help with stability and any sudden movements. He also told me that my AT is still recovering and healing so not to get on the treadmill or climb ladders as this would put increase stress onto the AT.

The pain I was having (in my last post) is all normal pain he said. He said with being inactive for so long it will take time to build strength back into my leg. I go back in 4 weeks and he said my limp should be gone by then. He said if it is not gone by then we would look at some PT but overall he is very happy with where I am. He also added standing calf raises BOTH feet at the same time. No single leg calf raises yet.

No matter where you are in this process, if I can give one piece of advice: BE PATIENT! I am the biggest type A personalities you will meet and very active, but id rather sacrifice 4-5 months so that I will still be running in 5-10 years. Listening to the doctor is the best thing you can do. You paying all this money to get it right THE FIRST time!

Happy Recovery!


Sorry it has been so long since I have updated… I am not 12 weeks post surgery (1.5.18). I was suppose to go Tuesday 1.2.18 to get cleared from the doctor but our 3rd kid (first boy) decided to come on 12.31.18. So we were discharged the day and time of my surgery. So I am rescheduled to go Thursday 1.11.18.

Christmas Eve day I decided to take my boot off and walk to test the boundaries. I felt great. So I pretty much took myself out of the boot because the boot was causing more discomfort. One thing I use to love is walk around barefoot around the house but I feel like I can not do that anymore. So I got a brand new pair of crocs and can tell a big difference just in soft support on my non surgery foot.

I do have some discomfort and little swelling on the outside and inside of my foot. The bottom of my foot feels alittle weird. I have zero PAIN on the back of the heel and zero pain when I put my shoes on. I am walking with a limp as well. Anyone else have these issues? I am hoping the doctor won’t yell at me too much for coming out of the boot sooner then he told me.

Update - Its been a while… 8 weeks P.S.

(Friday 12.8.17 was 8 weeks post surgery)

So 2 weeks ago (Tuesday 11.28.17) I went from complete NWB to Partial Weight bearing with crutches. TOTALLY sucks moving back to crutches because at least on my knee scooter I could have my hands and do some stuff, but it has been nice to be up right and my TRICEPS are getting work out. The doctor was going to let me start getting in the pool and walk slowly but part of my incision was not healing correctly and they had to debraid it and we had to keep it clean. #minorsetback

If you want comfort for your crutches I used BAR STOOL PILLOW PADS and duct tape. AMAZING. No Armpit pain! I have been putting my bare toes on the ground and standing in the shower with some partial weight on my foot. I tried WALKING in my boot next to the couch unassisted and I fell on the couch.

I have GREAT ROM on the ankle and A.T. No pain.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow. I am hoping to move to a tennis shoe and no crutches I just don’t see how I can WALK unassisted yet. Any thoughts on how I can keep getting strength in my leg to walk or is it just going to TAKE time?


Well yesterday I got my cast off. WHAT A RELIEF! I was in the cast little over 2 weeks.

I am now currently in a removable walking type boot but I am STILL NWB for 3 more weeks. I would rather be in a cast then a removable cast boot. The boot is so hard to sleep in and is just a feeling like a ball and chain.

The doctor is VERY happy with my progress. I am right on schedule. The incision looks good. My achilles tendon is feeling strong. He is allowing me to do small ROM (Range of Motion exercises) 3 times a day, 20 reps with icing afterwards. I am allowed to take a shower and get my leg wet. It was nice to get the orange dye surgery funk off my legs. The problem I have now is my ankle and feet are drying out and itchy.

After the 3 week period I will move to partial weight bearing with crutches…

The worst part now is the DIET… I just got to get refocused and stop eating sweets. I have the biggest   sweet tooth known to man.


Well today I went for my second post OP at the doctor.

They took the initial splint and ace bandages off. The doctor could not BELIEVE how good everything looked and I had minimal swelling. He said elevating and icing are the 2 most extremely important things to do. I can not STRESS enough how the 1st week post OP is the most important.

He removed 11 stitches. He used the speed bridge method for re attaching my achiellies tendon. He put some ointment on my incision and started the casting process. His medical assistant said he has been “cast” happy lately and strictly does only hard cast when dealing with AT issues.

I had never had a cast before this. Its a pretty cool process. Basically taping mesh tape, wetting the whole roll, and start wrapping the foot. I am from toes to about 4 inches below my knee cap. Its a weird feeling. I am still NWB. I go back in 2 weeks for them to take the cast off and check everything and then the cast AGAIN for 2-4 weeks NWB. He said at this time I would be transitioning to a walking boot and start PWB and then full weight bearing over the course of several weeks. HE said all told it would be 12-14 weeks from time of surgery.

We briefly discussed me returning to running. No time line has been given yet for obvious reasons. He said he really sees no issues with returning to running to which my lovely wife asked “Can the spurs come back and can we be in this situation again?” DOCTOR said spurs could return. Its running. Running is one of the best forms of exercising but also the hardest on our bodies. He said some patients have had this procedure done, and come back to running and been fine. Some had returned to running, come back in for other feet problems, they XRAY and then find a bone spur on the back of the heel but they are in zero pain.

Has anyone has this ISSUE before? Any way to NOT have the spurs re-appear? I am nervous has HECK! Going thru all this, already with the possibility of the right heel needing surgery in the future.