Well yesterday I got my cast off. WHAT A RELIEF! I was in the cast little over 2 weeks.

I am now currently in a removable walking type boot but I am STILL NWB for 3 more weeks. I would rather be in a cast then a removable cast boot. The boot is so hard to sleep in and is just a feeling like a ball and chain.

The doctor is VERY happy with my progress. I am right on schedule. The incision looks good. My achilles tendon is feeling strong. He is allowing me to do small ROM (Range of Motion exercises) 3 times a day, 20 reps with icing afterwards. I am allowed to take a shower and get my leg wet. It was nice to get the orange dye surgery funk off my legs. The problem I have now is my ankle and feet are drying out and itchy.

After the 3 week period I will move to partial weight bearing with crutches…

The worst part now is the DIET… I just got to get refocused and stop eating sweets. I have the biggest   sweet tooth known to man.


Well today I went for my second post OP at the doctor.

They took the initial splint and ace bandages off. The doctor could not BELIEVE how good everything looked and I had minimal swelling. He said elevating and icing are the 2 most extremely important things to do. I can not STRESS enough how the 1st week post OP is the most important.

He removed 11 stitches. He used the speed bridge method for re attaching my achiellies tendon. He put some ointment on my incision and started the casting process. His medical assistant said he has been “cast” happy lately and strictly does only hard cast when dealing with AT issues.

I had never had a cast before this. Its a pretty cool process. Basically taping mesh tape, wetting the whole roll, and start wrapping the foot. I am from toes to about 4 inches below my knee cap. Its a weird feeling. I am still NWB. I go back in 2 weeks for them to take the cast off and check everything and then the cast AGAIN for 2-4 weeks NWB. He said at this time I would be transitioning to a walking boot and start PWB and then full weight bearing over the course of several weeks. HE said all told it would be 12-14 weeks from time of surgery.

We briefly discussed me returning to running. No time line has been given yet for obvious reasons. He said he really sees no issues with returning to running to which my lovely wife asked “Can the spurs come back and can we be in this situation again?” DOCTOR said spurs could return. Its running. Running is one of the best forms of exercising but also the hardest on our bodies. He said some patients have had this procedure done, and come back to running and been fine. Some had returned to running, come back in for other feet problems, they XRAY and then find a bone spur on the back of the heel but they are in zero pain.

Has anyone has this ISSUE before? Any way to NOT have the spurs re-appear? I am nervous has HECK! Going thru all this, already with the possibility of the right heel needing surgery in the future.

1 week post OP

Well its been 1 week post OP. I had to take my L splint off and re adjust it because it was digging into my ankle pretty bad. I can feel like my toes have full movement. Its so weird not being able to FLEX my calf at full strength! I have gone 2 days without any pain meds during the day, but it seems like at 12:30 AM i wake up in some mid burning sensation. I am assuming its my staples/cut area.

I have elevated my leg more then I thought humanly possible. But elevating, ice and drinking lots of water seem to be doing the trick. Putting the ICE behind your knee was a GREAT tip.

Its been so nice having people bring meals and check in on us. I am not the type of person who likes to have people help me or do things for me. I seriously have had to just drop that attitude and accept help… I think a key piece of advice I would give is make sure whoever is taking care of you is getting a BREAK for themselves! We have 2 girls (5 and 2) and my wife is pregnant (due in January) and she has been an ABSOLUTE champ!

I go back to the doctor Monday.

Mental State

Well today is Wednesday and it marks 5 days since surgery. The two biggest things so far are:

1. Sleeping Positions. Its so hard to get comfortable. I have tried my back, and evaluating the leg but all the pressure on your heel starts hurting. I have tried my back and laying on the outside of your leg. I have tried my side and a pillow between the legs. Sleep comes in about 2-4 hour ways and it seems just about everytime you get comfortable you have to pee. LOL Thank goodness for Percocet (although I hate taking these type meds if I don’t have too)

2. Mental State. I am not a person who normally just sits around. I am type A, active, driven, and on the go. This sitting around watching TV gets old after a couple hours. Im trying to read and keep my mind off it but that gets boring after a while too. I know its a process. I know I have to follow doctors orders.

I would say finding this website.blog has been SUPER helpful. Getting some type of plastic chair for a shower was a great tip. The knee scooter seriously is a Must. I rent it for $2.00/day ($60.00 a month)

Obviously everyone experience is different but surgery is surgery and recovery is recovery. You have to control the things you can control, and accept the things you have to accept.

The first week is the most crucial from what I have read and been told. I want to listen to the doctor and his orders because 1 I spent a ton of $ money on the surgery (insurance just sucks) and 2. I want to be able to run again. I know it will be several months, and possibly a year until I can return to running, but have small goals for yourself. Take it hour by hour or day by day.

Funny story before I go. Yesterday I just had to get out of the house. So I decided to use my crutches and go to the mail box (which is in a cluster 3 houses down). I was EXHAUSTED half way down and had to stop. And I had to stop coming back. All for 2 junk mail pieces LOL. I get back in the house sweating and my wife goes “How did that work out for you babe pretty good huh?” Trying not to laugh!

1st Appt Post-OP

I went to the doctor Monday (October 16).

The doctor took some new X-rays. From what I saw it looked like the bone spurs were COMPLETELY gone from the newest X-RAYS The doctor removed the ace bandages, the L splint, some more bandages, and cut away the gauze. Now I did not look because I didn’t want to pass out but my wife said it was pretty ugly looking, but not a lot of swelling. The doctor was very happy no infection was present and he added some ointment to the staples.

He also took out the pain pump (which is amazing I don’t have this needle, catheter, and purse sticking out my leg). The stupid pump stopped working about 24 hours into the weekend and then started working again.

I asked him about the procedure and he said it was actually about as bad as he thought it would be one he got in their. He ended up detaching 90% of my achilles tendon and scraped away the bone spurs. (you can youtube the procedure, but fair warning… nasty!)

Then wrapped me all back up and told me to come see him in a week to remove the staples and he would put me in a HARD cast.

He was ADAMANT about staying at home and relaxing. Elevating and ICE…. Those will be your 2 favorite things.

Surgery Day/1st Weekend

My surgery was Friday, October 13. Yes I know Friday the 13th!

I arrived at the hospital. Now for those that don’t know me I had all things medical, especially needles and giving blood. I just work my self up get stressed, and normally pass out. I have to lay down with a a cold rag on my head when giving blood for my life insurance policies. LOL (Yes I know WUSS).

As soon as I got the IV i got hot and passed out. Luckily they already had me in the bed. The hospital staff was AWESOME. They ended up giving me something to calm down and relax. I got a pain block in the back of my left leg. I remember being rolled back down the hallway to surgery, looking up at bright lights, feeling cold and that was that. I woke up in recovery.

I had no clue where I was. I had my left leg from knee to toes wrapped. Surgery lasted about 1.5 hours my wife said. She said I woke up talking all kinds of gibberish.

They helped me get to the van and we drove home. I have no remembrance of this at all. My buddy Jacob helped me get into the house, where I got hot and almost passed out again. SO the rest of the day Friday I spent on the couch.

Saturday and Sunday were total rest days. Leg elevated up. Ice packs 30 minutes on 30 minutes off. I failed miserably the second day at this, probably because my wife was out with the kids most of the day.

The number 1 thing you need in this recovery process is an AMAZING Care person at home. They is my wife LAUREN. I literally could not do this without her.

The second thing you need is a KNEE SCOOTER. This has been an absolute GODSEND.

I suggest if you have a guest room to make that your temporary residence for the next first couple weeks. Comfy bed, blankets, pillows, Tv or laptop.

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