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10 Days Post-op

Posted by woundedwhale on July 10, 2012

Ten days after the surgery and I visited the doc to have the staples removed.  Pain not as much as anticipated but still had a bit of uneasiness with the whole thing.  First time I was able to see the incision and it was longer than I thought it would be.  About 5-6 inches. 

So what is next for this adventure?  I went over the protocol with the doc and I will have my next visit in four weeks and then will PT.  At that time I will then begin to wean off the crutches as well.  From now until then I will be able to shower begin foot flexion and after two weeks get into the pool, albeit carefully.  Weeks 6-10 I will be doing PT and strengthening my leg again.  After week 10 I will then wean off the boot. 

Pain levels have been manageable and only the issues of leaving my foot elevated too long.  Putting the boot on for the first time today took some time with everything being so stiff.  Now the muscle atrophy and the weight of the boot is taking it’s toll.  Overall, I am happy at the doctors work and what I am doing.  As I begin to get confidence back I will ask the doctor and PT to push me back to 100%.  That is all for now and thanks for reading.

4 Responses to “10 Days Post-op”

  1. Carol McGovern Says:

    4 more weeks of crutches before you can start weening off? Have you seen these new crutches? Check this link. I know you love the latest and greatest.

  2. greysmom Says:

    I will be following your blog as I am 14 days post-op. Good luck to you! I went with a rented knee scooter and only use the crutches at home for tight spots.

  3. greysmom Says:

    Hi Woundedwhale!

    Just checking in with you to see how it’s going. My surgery was just 2 days before yours. Anyway, hope you are doing well!


  4. woundedwhale Says:

    The recovery is going well. My incision is infected adn treating with antibiotics. Wearing the boot pretty much 24/7 with the exception of a few times a day I do some stretching exercises.

    I go back in on the 7th of August to start the next phase of rehab which will be beginning with PT. Still NWB at this point but of course cheat on occasion by resting the foot down. I do need to get on and update my status.

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