Where is my calf muscle?

It’s like the whole thing didn’t really happen. Over a year later, and I am doing exactly what i did before the rupture. The only difference is that my right calf has never grown back to its former size. In fact it about half the size of the other one. Looks like a childs calf in comparison.

How do I build it back up again - and how are my many sporting activities not doing that anyway?

2 Responses to “Where is my calf muscle?”

  1. That’s a real bummer. I am concerned about the atrophy myself (although I am only 5 weeks post op and haven’t even started PT yet). I have always been a big fan of weighted calf raises. They seem to build a good amount of muscle.

  2. Been doing some weighted raises, but still the calf is so weak and puny!

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