Hallelujah - back to normal

It’s been a long time since I posted and I feel kind of bad for not checking and supporting others who are starting out. I found words of encouragement absolutely crucial in my healing.

I am now doing pretty much everything I was doing before. Playing tennis - not quite sprinting for every point - cycling with no impediment, running (as clumsily as ever), and walking long distances without any pain. I am so grateful to have had a smooth recovery and to be enjoying my body again, 7 months after the injury.

To all my hommies starting out, my advice is to read this site as much as you can, eat healthy and breath deeply, and know that your disablement is only temporary - you WILL be back before you know it!!

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  1. Thanks for positive blog - it helps! 7 months!! I am only three weeks post-injury so that seems a long time into the future. Go well. Cheers, Tui

  2. Good for you! It is encouraging to hear your story. I guess 7 mos isn’t so bad like you said it should be all better before I know it.

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  4. This post gave me so much hope!
    I’ll be one month post surgery the 11 of this month (so 4 days away). I’m 23 years old and unfortunately had a nasty accident with glass.. Being this young and studying to be PE teacher it has be hard. I feel like ill never walk with a normal gait again. This post has given me so much to look forward to though.

  5. You will walk normally again Cassie! I was just checking my blog (achillesblog.com/cserpent) to see when I was back to doing my high intensity interval training class and I started that at 6 months. I was still lacking a lot of strength but I was there exercising. I get my left foot done in August so I’m mapping out my recovery last year (from right foot surgery) to figure out what I’ll be doing when this time around. Just remember to take small steps initially so you can walk with a normal gait if not a normal stride length.

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