Prevention is better than cure

I have a question that I hope you guys can help with: I’m at 20 weeks and starting to a lot of normal things again, like playing a bit of tennis, jogging, cycling etc. In the back of my mind is a real fear of this happening again. Is there anything I can do to totally minimise my chance of a rupture, on either leg? I guess warm-ups and stretching will help, but is there is any vitamins/supplements/ankle guards that could offer more protection?

I really don’t want to go back to square one again…

Thanks, Withnail

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  1. withnail,

    I think you’ve answered your own question: long warm-up and daily stretching. My surgeon put the risk of re-rupture at less than 5% and to think of this injury as bad luck - unless you have other preconditions, chronic wound injuries etc. The other wise comment my surgeon made was that you’re not going to forget this injury and mentally you’re more than likely going to take “steps” to not push that leg too hard when exercising. There are no medically proven supplements but you’re probably aware of the bad antibiotics by now.

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