Sloooooow progress

15 weeks and I still limp. 15 weeks! This part of the healing process really takes a long time. I am ready to go hiking and gently tossing a frisbee around, but the foot still gets sore after a while and the heel still gives a twinge.

Any tips on pushing through this phase and getting back to full, proper mobility? Pretty much open to anything except animal sacrifice.

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  1. Hate to say it, but time is your best friend. The changes seems to slow down. Others ahead of me noted that on their posts as they passed the 3 and 4 month mark. I just passed week 17. My husband and colleagues have told me that they are not seeing much of a limp at all. I feel like I am limping some and I still feel the pulling sensation in the heel. I am still wary of uneven surfaces….like trails and fields, etc.

    As much as I think I should be alot better, I still take comfort in how far I have come.

  2. I’m 12 weeks and talk about slow progress. I’m in two shoes, with lifts and both crutches…..can’t seem to get foot flat or bear enough weight to carry me two-footed without crutches…..I can’t help but wonder if this is mental or what?
    I guess we have to remember that everyone’s pace is different and be grateful for the advances we have made :)

  3. Withnail,

    Time to push through it. Are you experiencing pain or just soreness??
    If no pain than what are you doing rehab wise?? You really need to be addressing it daily. 3 times per week lifting/strengthening, 2-3 days aerobic/biking/swimming and massaging regularly. I know it sounds like a lot but you really need to be on this consistently. Next week I’ll be posting my 6 month pictures and update.
    Good luck

    Doc Ross

  4. Withnail,
    Do you have a bike? Biking was great for me - for building up strength, breaking a sweat, and flexibility. I started really slow with low gears but could see definite improvement over the weeks. Now I am biking 13 miles to work and back - something I never did before I was injured.

    I also wish I had walked more - I think walking as much as you can is really helpful too.

    You want to push so you’re tired. Tired is good because you’re demanding things of your body and your body builds itself up to do it. Pain is bad, but tired is ok.

    I tried to focus on what I was doing in everyday activities and make sure I wasn’t babying the injured foot anymore.

    But most of all just hang in there, it wil come!!

  5. I hear that. To me this recovery process is mostly a mental challenge. Your body will heal as it will, and the best you can do is work it to the limits of pain and swelling, and recover. It just sucks limping when trying to walk quick or scurry out of the way of traffic, not being as able as only seems right. But things could be much worse.
    I too think the bike is a great tool for recovery from this. The limited range of motion in the pedal stroke helps, and on level ground, force applied is up to you. Also you get in a whole lot of reps, about 5000 per hour if you spin just over 80 rpm. Just be sure to do some other activities, like walking or hiking (moderate hills are properly challenging for me now), that work through a full range of motion, and keep stretching.

  6. Hey! I still limp too, and my biggest reason why is flexibility. The best thing my PT said for me to do is to stand and then lean forward, stretching the tendon…at PT I’m on a board that is at an incline and I lean forward and hold it. Most of my limping comes from not having the flexibility when you walk..that rolling motion. So, I’m told..limping goes away once flexibility and strength are restored. In my head, I try and think “relax…let it go.” Because some of our limping is mental too I think.

  7. withnail,

    I agree with Doc Ross. I still get the odd soreness or twinge if I am on my feet too much, that sounds normal but you should be ready to push through. I stretch every chance I get. Has your PT included joint immobilization exercises, that helped me kick the limp, I’m also at 15 weeks. Consider buying a mini trampoline, my gym quality model only costs $40. By jogging on the tramp, it has helped loosen my tightness as well as improving strength and balance - part of my morning routine. Before I did that my ankle would take a while to loosen up in the morning.

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